L.A. Times Daily - Feb 6 2012

Clues Answers
"Be right with you!" INASEC
"Deck the Halls" syllables FALA
"Do it, or __!" ELSE
"Star Trek" helmsman SULU
"The racer's edge" STP
"Understood" ISEE
*Cat's blessing, so it's said NINELIVES
*Start of a Jackie Gleason "Honeymooners" catchphrase ONEOFTHESEDAYS
*Tennessee Ernie Ford hit about coal mining SIXTEENTONS
*Vivaldi classic, with "The" FOURSEASONS
Bandits in Vegas? SLOTS
Banister RAIL
Big name in tea TETLEY
Bog fuel PEAT
Brainstorms IDEAS
Brontë's "Jane __" EYRE
Bumbling types OAFS
Capone associate Frank NITTI
Cell "messenger," briefly RNA
Circus insect FLEA
Citrus hybrid TANGELO
Coarse file RASP
Company associated with the alcoholic "7" in a "7 and 7" SEAGRAM
Company with a "swoosh" logo NIKE
Cuba, to Castro ISLA
Dog restraint LEASH
Domesticated TAME
Dryer outlet VENT
Fancy watch SEIKO
Fencing sword EPEE
Feudal estate FIEF
Filmmaker Ethan or Joel COEN
Followers: Suf ISTS
Fourths of gals QTS
Free TV ad PSA
Gets the creases out of PRESSES
Clues Answers
Goblet feature STEM
Got going again, as a fire RELIT
Help AID
Hwy. accident respondents EMTS
Ivy League sch. in Philly UPENN
Jr.'s exam PSAT
King with a golden touch MIDAS
Layered building material PLYWOOD
Layered ristorante offering LASAGNA
Loch of legend NESS
Low-cal soda DIETPOP
Managed care gps HMOS
Men's wear accessories TIETACS
Met by chance RANINTO
Moe, Curly or Larry STOOGE
More than occasionally, to a bard OFT
Musician's asset EAR
New Orleans university TULANE
NHL part: Abbr NATL
Oohs' partners AAHS
Orch. section STR
Pale WAN
Pantyhose that came in a shell LEGGS
PC screens CRTS
Political satirist Mort SAHL
Post-Christmas retail event SALE
Pot-scrubbing brand SOS
Potatoes' partner MEAT
Scout uniform component SASH
Space-saving abbr ETC
Suffix with psych OSIS
Tailor's concern FIT
Upscale hotel chain OMNI
Washer or dryer: Abbr APPL
What the starred answers start with PERFECTSQUARES
Zenith ACME