L.A. Times Daily - Jan 21 2012

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Clues Answers
"B.J. and the Bear" star Greg EVIGAN
"Charlie's Angels" actress KATEJACKSON
"How relaxing!" AHH
"Swell!" NEATO
"War with the Newts" sci-fi novelist, 1936 CAPEK
"Well said!" AMEN
2010 Literature Nobelist Mario Vargas __ LLOSA
Baseball Hall of Famer Cap ANSON
Become extinct DISAPPEAR
Brace with a 90-degree bend LBAR
Certain migratory pattern VEE
Circus safeguard NET
Crony PAL
Divert AMUSE
Double-chevron wearer: Abbr CPL
Dunn and Ephron of Hollywood NORAS
Dylan contemporary OCHS
Easy to erect PREFAB
Fictional Bagne of Toulon prisoner JEANVALJEAN
First name in spy fiction IAN
Friend of Piglet ROO
Ga. airport that serves Hilton Head Island SAV
Gave a shot, say DOSED
Goliath, for one GIANT
Gone by AGO
Held up LASTED
Highest score possible with a single dart SIXTY
His watch signals Superman OLSEN
Hitchcock title kleptomaniac MARNIE
Holly follower? FALALA
Key of Liszt's Piano Concerto No. 2 AMAJ
Krakowski of "30 Rock" JANE
Labyrinth location EAR
Lack of similarity, informally DIF
Clues Answers
Lacking a point INANE
Lemming predator ARCTICFOX
London street known for high-end haberdasheries SAVILEROW
Louisiana license plate image PELICAN
Memory unit, briefly MEG
Military sanction ARMSEMBARGO
Missed payment result LATEFEE
Mobile home? ALABAMA
Native American in Connecticut MOHEGAN
Office orders REAMS
Old Dodges with front-wheel drive OMNIS
PC peripheral MODEM
Prefix with -loquent MAGNI
Quarantine advisory org CDC
Really drawn-out AGELONG
Reason for striking out ERROR
Remote abbr REW
Ring sequence JABS
Romance novelist Elinor GLYN
Southwest add-on ERN
Speech balloon cry of dismay ACK
Spica's constellation VIRGO
Sprinkling FEW
Tessellated artwork MOSAICS
The Bridge of the Americas locale PANAMACANAL
The Hulk, untransformed BRUCEBANNER
Trousseau holder HOPECHEST
Ultravox frontman Midge __ URE
Universal signal since 1908 SOS
White House foreign policy gp NSC
Whoppers LIES
Yellow Brick Road terminus EMERALDCITY
__ Miguel, largest of the Azores SAO