Universal - Jan 20 2012

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Clues Answers
"Hee" follower HAW
"Much ___ About Nothing" ADO
"Nicely done!" KUDOS
"This just in ..." fare NEWS
"Too many more to mention" abbr ETAL
"___ Miserables" (Hugo classic) LES
100 Cambodian sen RIEL
Abbr. often following a comma ETC
Andean civilization INCA
Angry frown SCOWL
Announcement at JFK ETA
Appointment DATE
Apt rhyme for "anticipate" AWAIT
Backed (out of), as an obligation WEASELED
Basis for financial aid NEED
Biology classes? GENERA
Breast-beating vegetarian APE
By way of VIA
California's Marina ___ Rey DEL
Calm interval LULL
Catchy guitar riff HOOK
Cause hostility in ALIENATE
Cease and desist STOP
Color tones HUES
Common test answer TRUE
Decreases one's bankroll SPENDS
Dentist's kind of surgery ORAL
Deserve EARN
Drizzles or pours RAINS
Emulate a tree pruner LOP
Fishing net with floats SEINE
Fuzzy-skinned fruit KIWI
Gift recipients DONEES
Greek letter after sigma TAU
Greeted warmly EMBRACED
Harley-Davidson, slangily HOG
High-quality lager PILSNER
Include a document, as with an email ATTACH
It's chewed in leas CUD
Just shy of shut AJAR
Large species of deer ELK
Clues Answers
Liable to lead to sudden change VOLATILE
Like Willie Winkie WEE
Longoria of TV EVA
Match audio and video SYNC
Mental capacity WIT
Minister PASTOR
Mrs. Garrett of "The Facts of Life" EDNA
Mu ___ pork SHU
One of seven deadly items SIN
Operative's org CIA
Opposite of an inbox OUTTRAY
Pantyhose woe RUN
Persona ___ grata NON
Pertaining to the kidneys RENAL
Pie-crust ingredient LARD
Popular video game franchise since 2001 HALO
Potent Polynesian drink KAVA
Rarebit ingredient ALE
Rational one's thought (Part 1) YOUCANHAVEITALL
Rational one's thought (Part 2) YOUJUSTCANT
Rational one's thought (Part 3) HAVEITALLATONCE
Result when builders wing it? ELL
Sailor's cord LANYARD
Sausage unit LINK
Self-proclaimed spoon-bender Geller URI
Sleuth, in slang TEC
Some tides NEAPS
Spread hay TED
Stick like glue ADHERE
Strongly opposed (to) AVERSE
Suffered from a cut BLED
Take one's turn in checkers MOVE
The beginning or end of "Spartacus" ESS
Timothy Leary's hallucinogen LSD
Tri-level cookie OREO
Valuable rock ORE
Vientiane resident LAO
Visual-illusion genre OPART
Was ahead of everyone else LED
Water-permeable POROUS
What crime doesn't do PAY