L.A. Times Daily - Jan 19 2012

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Clues Answers
"Here Come the __": 1945 college comedy COEDS
"House" actor Robert __ Leonard SEAN
"Leda and the Swan" poet YEATS
"We want you here" PLEASESTAY
"Yeah, right!" ILLBET
6-Across container JAR
Actress with six Oscar nominations by age 33 WINSLET
Agcy. whose seal features a shock of corn USDA
Book of sacred poems PSALMS
Bygone Dodge OMNI
Cadenza performer SOLOIST
Came down RAINED
Capital nearest to Philadelphia TRENTON
Cold metal? STEEL
Cover LID
Curved pieces ARCS
Dally, and a literal hint to 17-, 25-, 37- and 50- Across PLAYAROUND
Devilish SLY
Effervesced FIZZED
Egyptian cobra ASP
Electric alternative GAS
Fair color? AZURE
Fillable bread PITA
First area to fill in on a form LINEA
Four-legged king LION
Fruit often dried FIG
Gillette razor ATRA
Give off RADIATE
Give the okay APPROVE
Golfer's feat EAGLE
Graduation flier CAP
Hard to grasp EELY
Harry Potter series ender? ZED
Hockey Hall of Fame nickname ESPO
Jackie Chan genre ACTION
Jackie's designer OLEG
Keeps at it PLUGSAWAY
Like the Gobi Desert ARID
Moses' mount SINAI
Clues Answers
Mozart's "__ kleine Nachtmusik" EINE
Not made public UNAIRED
Novel opening PARTI
Old Sony brand AIWA
One may bring eternal bad luck CURSE
One may not be intended PUN
One of two complementary Asian forces YIN
Pat-down org TSA
Phys., e.g SCI
Research site TESTLAB
Roberto's 2012, e.g ANO
Row of seats PEW
Seasoned stew RAGOUT
Selection word EENY
Skippy rival JIF
Store sign OPEN
Street Cry, to Street Sense SIRE
Stringed instrument VIOL
SW school whose mascot carries a pitchfork ASU
Swing voter: Abbr IND
Switching device POWERRELAY
Table scraps ORTS
Targets AIMS
Tax-sheltered savings, briefly IRA
Terra firma DRYLAND
Texas Rangers manager Washington RON
Thumbs-up vote YEA
Umpteen, with "a" ZILLION
Unit often burned off CALORIE
Up to, briefly TIL
What "you always pass ... on your way to success": Mickey Rooney FAILURE
William, to Charles SON
Word with stock or market ANALYST
WWII battle site, for short IWO
Yarn colorer DYER
__ Monte Foods DEL
__ queen DRAMA