Wall Street Journal - Jan 13 2012 - January 13, 2012 - Code of Silence

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Clues Answers
'Carthage must be destroyed' speaker CATO
'Charmed Lives' author Michael KORDA
'Coriolanus' setting ROME
'Don't look ___!' ATME
'Don't show that guy mercy!' FINISIM
'Fawlty Towers' is an example of it BRITISUMOUR
'Ghostbusters' co-star MORANIS
'The Flying Dutchman' tenor ERIK
1957 Jimmy Dorsey song SORARE
2002 World Series champions ANAHEIM
911 responders, for short EMTS
Abbott and Costello's center fielder BECAUSE
Active for one's age SPRY
Alert from the PD APB
Antler end POINT
As ___ (generally) ARULE
Assn. of teams CONF
Backwoods mail rtes RFDS
Baseball's highest-paid pitcher in 1975 CATFISUNTER
Ben E. King's first top ten song SPANISARLEM
Bender JAG
Blog entry POST
Brainy misfit DWEEB
Cavalry leader's request FRESORSES
Chartbusters SMASITS
Charter HIRE
City with a Penn State campus ERIE
City with a Penn State campus ALTOONA
Clever tactic RUSE
Clock part DIAL
Clump of dirt CLOD
Coin whose one side depicts a continent EURO
Collapsible headgear CRUSAT
Come down abruptly from a high CRASARD
Complete FULL
Consider DEEM
Crown Victoria, e.g SEDAN
Deduction on line 32 of a 1040 form IRA
Dentist's directive RINSE
Detach, as a rope UNLASH
Discard pile TRASEAP
Dividing word INTO
Dream Team scream? USAUSA
Emulate Lindsey Vonn SKI
Family guy BRO
Febreze targets ODORS
Five-foot-tall bird EMU
Fix, as an old baseball glove RELACE
Footnote word IDEM
Get snippy with SASS
Got the heck out of there VAMOOSED
Grande of Nickelodeon's 'Victorious' ARIANA
H.S. dropout's goal GED
Harbor HIDE
Head, in slang NOB
High guy STONER
Hobby store purchases KITS
Hoops shot from behind the arc TREY
Household appliances, for short VACS
Humdinger LULU
Incitements STIMULI
Inexpensive eatery HASOUSE
Instrument also called a clarsach IRISARP
Invoice fig AMT
Clues Answers
It can hold you up CRUTCH
It may be ear-piercing STUD
Japanese clothing chain UNIQLO
Kind of hound or feed NEWS
King killer CUJO
Krupp works city ESSEN
Le : French :: ___ : German DER
Like advantageous situations NOLOSE
Like some paychecks FAT
Like tens HOT
Linguist Chomsky NOAM
Linney and Dern LAURAS
Low-tech projectile PEA
Make a beeline after work, say DASOME
Mansion makeup ROOMS
Many a Katy Perry fan TEENER
Mideast moguls EMIRS
Old television's 'Raccoon of the Year' EDNORTON
On its way SENT
On the other hand YET
One of the Belafontes SHARI
One way to run LATE
PC key ESC
Periodically available fast food item MCRIB
Personal artwork, for short TATS
Pizarro foe INCA
Plateful in a 51-Down GLOP
Pleasant refuges OASES
Poet Federico García ___ LORCA
Pres. Peres's nation ISR
Price a seller is willing to accept ASK
Protein-rich paste MISO
Prying NOSY
Raised BRED
Record label that popularized Southern soul STAX
Ricci of fashion NINA
Rotary mower brand BUSOG
Rudimentary seed OVULE
Run up INCUR
Russian city on the Dnieper SMOLENSK
Sailing along ASEA
Sashimi choice TUNA
Seers of many sights JETSET
Semicircular shape CEE
Served in steins, say ONTAP
Sheepish ASHAMED
Sherman and Lane ALLANS
Shortstop Vizquel OMAR
Shrink the borders of CROP
Sister of Emily and Charlotte ANNE
Slaw eater's utensil, perhaps SPORK
Some rental cars AVISES
Somerhalder of 'The Vampire Diaries' IAN
Something spotted in a toy store DOMINO
Sporty car roof TTOP
Strong twill SERGE
Sufficient, in the comics ENUF
Sweet liqueur CREME
Target of Stiller and Murphy in 'Tower Heist' ALDA
They're always game CORNISENS
Those making an effort TRIERS
Topic for Latin lovers AMOR
Trading spot PIT
Trig follower, perhaps CALC
Tunisian port SFAX
Uttar Pradesh city AGRA
Well accessory PAIL
Words of commitment ITHEEWED