The Chronicle of Higher Education - Jan 13 2012

Clues Answers
'Call Me ___' (1950 Ethel Merman vehicle) MADAM
'Thanks ___' ALOT
1995 British Open winner John DALY
According to PER
Aimed at a small demographic NICHE
Alluring SEXY
Antique phone user DIALER
Arthritis symptom ACHE
Authoritative statements DICTA
Ben & Jerry's rival EDYS
Bert of 'The Wizard of Oz' LAHR
Black Friday destination MALL
Broadway star Salonga LEA
Came to AWOKE
Crunch-time hirees TEMPS
Dangler from a lobe EARDROP
Data-storage device DISK
Defraud DIDDLE
Defy one's parents, possibly ELOPE
Dress down ABUSE
Dry red wine, for short CAB
Electron tube DIODE
Enjoys an afternoon meal TAKESTEA
Exceedingly unfamiliar ALIEN
Extremely long punctuation mark? HUNDREDYARDDASH
Favored track position POLE
Field of expertise AREA
Fix, as an electrical system REWIRE
Flower center EYE
Foot man? POET
Gift-tag word FROM
Go to ___ (deteriorate) SEED
Go-round BOUT
Greek H's ETAS
H. Rider Haggard novel SHE
Handle efficiently EXPEDITE
Heavy read TOME
Hemingway sobriquet PAPA
Hustings figure POL
Clues Answers
Idée ___ FIXE
Jack London's 'Martin ___' EDEN
Mention in a footnote CITE
Mormon Church inits LDS
Nation that will fight at Armageddon MAGOG
Notion IDEA
Nuclear-arsenal weapon, for short ICBM
Part of QED ERAT
Place to get clean REHAB
Possible basis of discrimination AGE
Pre-1917 ruler TSAR
Punctuation mark at the end of a prayer? GRACEPERIOD
Punctuation mark that dips below the line? DESCENDINGCOLON
Punctuation marks on a 1040 form? TAXBRACKETS
Radius neighbor ULNA
Remove, in printing DELE
Renaissance man's many TALENTS
Rude look STARE
Showered RAINED
Shrinking sea of Asia ARAL
South America's 'Marvelous City' RIO
Starts a lawn SODS
Storm-drain cover GRATE
Successor of Claudius NERO
Team track event RELAY
The Divine Miss M's first name BETTE
Torvald's wife in 'A Doll's House' NORA
Touched down ALIT
Turner who led a rebellion NAT
Unbroken ENTIRE
Unfortunate occurrence MISHAP
Unknown John DOE
Up in Fenway Park ATBAT
Water cooler? ICE
What some sportscasters provide COLOR
Windshield whitener RIME
Youngest Brontë sister ANNE
___ majeste (high treason) LESE
___ on the side of caution ERR