- Jan 4 2012

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Clues Answers
''Antiques Roadshow'' network PBS
''Darn it!'' RATS
''Gone With the Wind'' locale TARA
''It doesn't seem that way to me'' IDISAGREE
''Moby-Dick'' captain AHAB
''Send help now'' SOS
''That's unfortunate'' TOOBAD
Actress Hatcher TERI
After taxes NET
Biblical ''you'' THOU
Boxing punch JAB
Brazil tourist mecca RIODEJANEIRO
Broadcast AIR
CIO's union partner AFL
Coffee alternative TEA
Colorant DYE
Compete VIE
Corrosive chemicals ACIDS
Craftsperson ARTISAN
Dashboard device RADIO
Deserve to get EARN
Diamond headwear TIARA
Did ushering LEDIN
Earp of the Old West WYATT
Easter flowers LILIES
Emergency signal FLARE
Ending for acetyl ENE
Fictional Potter HARRY
Finally turning (to) RESORTING
First Soviet leader LENIN
Food plan DIET
Fountain-pen filler INK
Give a darn CARE
Gymnast Korbut OLGA
Hit head-on RAM
In between ports ATSEA
Infant's parent DADA
Intermission follower ACTII
Juan's water AGUA
Clues Answers
Justice Sotomayor SONIA
Like a lot ADORE
Like some franks SKINLESS
Like some furniture polish LEMONY
Lumberjack's tool SAW
Malicious deeds EVILS
Method MODE
Much of Chile's topography ANDES
Natural inclination TENDENCY
Navigation hazard REEF
New Englanders, informally YANKS
Not prohibited LEGAL
Not ready to harvest UNRIPE
Noticed SEEN
On the rocks ICED
Partner of hee or hem HAW
Place for a pants patch KNEE
Poorly lit DIM
Prefix like contra- ANTI
President after JFK LBJ
Rhapsodic verses ODES
Right-angle shape ELL
Salon shortenings TRIMS
Sound of keys JINGLEJANGLE
Specialized slang LINGO
Started a poker pot ANTED
Ted Turner ex JANEFONDA
Theater signal CUE
Three-sharp key AMAJOR
Tijuana's region, for short BAJA
To-do list entry, perhaps ERRAND
Type of spray can AEROSOL
Untrue NOTSO
US/Canada defense group NORAD
Vane direction EAST
What ''The Iliad'' chronicles TROJANWAR
Word-of-mouth ORAL
World-weary JADED
Zilch, south of the border NADA