New York Times - May 13 2004

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Clues Answers
2004 historical film, with “The” ALAMO
Air race markers PYLONS
Attacker FOE
Baseball’s Vizquel and others OMARS
Bro’s sib SIS
Business sect. heading AMEX
Calls at home SAFES
Certain crustacean ISOPOD
Congresswoman Lowey NITA
Cossack’s weapon SABER
Country singer Tubb and others ERNESTS
Creek RIA
Deli machine SLICER
Doo-wop song, today OLDIE
Douglas, for one FIR
Eau source EVIAN
Fish hawk OSPREY
Flower holder STEM
Glistening beads DEW
Go on a vacation tour SSEE
Grammarians’ topics USAGES
Grp. whose mascot is Eddie Eagle NRA
Gulliver’s creator SWIFT
Hotel guest TRANSIENT
Is cultured HAST
Late journalist Cooke ALISTAIR
Latin oils OLEA
Makes “it” TAGS
May honoree MOM
Mideast land: Abbr. ISR
Minute groove STRIA
Mire BOG
Name on a mower DEERE
Once, long ago ERST
One who says “uncle” NIECE
One who’s always moving GOER
Clues Answers
Org. in a Jeannie C. Riley song PTA
Origin of some salami GENOA
Otologist’s recommendation HAID
Pelvic bones ILIA
Performed DID
Pessimistic BEARISH
Place of commerce MART
Popular soap LAVA
Prepare for winter takeoff DEICE
Pristine UNTED
Public proceeding OPENH
Rabble-rouser: Var. DEMAGOG
Ring leaders? REFEREES
Rock music’s Blondie, e.g. SEXTET
Saarinen of design EERO
Sandinista leader ORTEGA
Saturn model ION
Saw what it was like GOTAT
Scale start CDEF
Shoe tips TOES
Short-billed rail SORA
Six-pointers, for short TDS
Smidgen TAD
Some appetizers ANTIPASTI
Spot remover? RETER
Stench BADS
Strike zones? LANES
Suspect foul play SARAT
Thingie GADGET
Ticket buyer’s concern SLINE
Truman’s Missouri birthplace LAMAR
Unmoving INERT
Wade’s opponent ROE
Wading bird IBIS
Without ice NEAT
___ fours PETIT
___ the buzzer INAT
“Psst! Smarty Jones in the fifth!” TIP
“___ Williams,” 1985 action flick REMO