L.A. Times Daily - Jan 1 2012

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Clues Answers
"Divine" showbiz nickname MISSM
"Don't let it get cold!" EAT
"Eat my wake!" e.g.? SWIMMERSJEER
"I __ a loss for words!" AMAT
"No more seats" sign SRO
"Ode on a Grecian Urn" genre? JARSPOETICA
"Sounds good to me!" IMIN
"Storage Wars" network AANDE
"The Bells of St. __" MARYS
"The __ Menagerie" GLASS
"Try to __ my way": Beatles lyric SEEIT
"__ girl!" ATTA
"__ Rosenkavalier": Strauss opera DER
Advice to a nervous skier? KILLTHEJUMP
African scavengers JACKALS
Answering machine cue BEEP
Appetite DESIRE
Arabian chief EMEER
Atmospheric prefix AERI
Barrel support STAVE
Bath salt fragrance LILAC
Bert Bobbsey's twin NAN
Big name in fashion PRADA
Big name in little suits SPEEDO
Bird by the beach ERN
Bizet's "Toreador Song," e.g ARIA
Bon Jovi of rock JON
Campus town near Bangor ORONO
Certain tax shelter, for short IRA
Chaise __ LONGUE
Cheats on a test, in a way COPIES
Comfort food in a deep dish POTPIE
Comparatively crafty SLYER
Concrete hunks SLABS
Considers carefully, with "over" MULLS
Covent Garden notable OPERASTAR
Crewmate of Spock and Sulu UHURA
D'Artagnan's chronicler DUMAS
D.C. hundred SENS
Dietary std USRDA
Eastern island capital TAIPEI
Eerie ability, for short ESP
Empty the Recycle Bin, e.g ERASE
Eucalyptus lovers KOALAS
European automaker OPEL
European peaks ALPS
Eyes, in Oaxaca OJOS
Far from verbose TERSE
Fashion giant DIOR
Fictional Stone Age redhead WILMA
First punch of an old Roman bout? JABINITIO
Flu 9-Down AGUE
Former Giants pitcher Robb NEN
Geometry class calculation AREA
Girl in a Beach Boys hit RHONDA
Gravy, on menus JUS
H.S. proficiency tests GEDS
Halloween carving of a Yankee hero? PUMPKINJETER
Hardy heroine TESS
Hi-fi component PREAMP
High-pitched barks YELPS
Hit the snooze button too many times OVERSLEPT
Hosp. drama locale, usually ICU
Hot air in the conference room? JARGONGAS
Indication SYMPTOM
Japanese golfer Aoki ISAO
Kind of conspiracy MUTINY
Like a couch potato SEDENTARY
Like some braids FRENCH
Like some phone nos UNL
Clues Answers
Like venison GAMY
Long-eared critters ASSES
Loud bird JAY
Low isles CAYS
Measure again REGAUGE
Meat-yielding calves VEALS
Melbourne greeting GDAY
Menlo Park wizard, initially TAE
Mil. mail drops APOS
Monastery resident FRIAR
Monologue bit JOKE
Much junk mail ADS
Multitalented court clown? POLYJESTER
Nair rival, once NEET
Nattily dressed Broadway character? JAUNTYMAME
Nestle securely EMBED
Nestlé's __-Caps SNO
Nicholas Gage bestseller ELENI
No longer on speaking terms ESTRANGED
Northern African quip? BARBARYJAPE
Not as friendly ICIER
Not hoodwinked by WISETO
Office malfunction JAMUP
Peak in the 59-Down EIGER
Persona non grata BETENOIRE
Pitching coach's aid RADAR
Place to hoist a pint PUB
Places for chickens COOPS
Plains Indian OTO
Port of Senegal DAKAR
Post-WWI Treasury secretary MELLON
Prepares, as mussels STEAMS
Put to rest, as rumors DISPEL
Quite a long stretch AEON
R.E.M.'s "The __ Love" ONEI
Rani's spouse RAJA
Reform Party founder Perot HROSS
Reject as false DENY
Remove paint from STRIP
Resistance units OHMS
Rough wool cloth TWEED
Ruler of anc. Rome EMP
Salon style UPDO
Saucony rival AVIA
Seating request AISLE
Serious conflict WAR
Ship's hdg ENE
Singer Winehouse AMY
Skunk cabbage and philodendron ARUMS
Small group of trees COPSE
Small-scale MINIATURE
Snakes' renewal process MOLT
Something in the oven ROAST
Songstress Lane ABBE
Spokesceleb for Fiat JLO
Stand in good __ STEAD
Suffix with access ORY
To be, in Arles ETRE
Transitive vb. follower OBJ
Trojan War warrior AENEAS
Two-thumbs-down reviews PANS
Undemanding classes EASYAS
Urgent offshore signal SOS
Village celebrity? IDIOT
Webelos' org BSA
Wedding dances HORAS
Wee lad TAD
Where a herd is heard LEA
Work the kinks out of UNTWIST
__ alai JAI