The Washington Post - Jan 1 2012

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Clues Answers
'Le Roi d'Ys' composer LALO
'Life of Pi' author Martel YANN
'Psych' co-star Hill DULE
1980 Blues Hall of Fame inductee BBKING
2008 documentary about the national debt directed by Patrick Creadon IOUSA
2011 Sydney Peace Price winner Chomsky NOAM
Actress Gish ANNABETH
Affirmative word YEA
Affirmative words ITIS
Band from Birmingham ELO
Bit of beginning Spanish ERES
Bowl regulator, for short NCAA
British bum coverings NAPPIES
Censures BLAMES
Certain swindle PONZISCHEME
Colombian artist Fernando BOTERO
Common duty-free purchase LIQUOR
Conductor's lead-in? SEMI
Country with a 2011 civil war LIBYA
Courgette, stateside ZUCCHINI
Cutlass successor ALERO
D.C. area airport BWI
Decorative map emblem CARTOUCHE
Do some searching for oneself EGOSURF
False gods IDOLS
Former 'Weekend Update' anchor Colin QUINN
Fresh start? NEO
Fur, to a trapper WARE
Hails to Caesar AVES
Hawkeye IOWAN
Iniquity VICE
Clues Answers
Inverse trig function ARCSEC
Jogger's gait TROT
Just open AJAR
Lautner and Swift TAYLORS
Load-bearing building component IBEAM
Manifest OBVIOUS
Mauritania neighbor ALGERIA
Medical drama since 2007 PRIVATEPRACTICE
Medieval peasant SERF
Mistakenly INERROR
Norse counterpart of Jupiter THOR
Ode title starter TOA
One who might get brushed back HITTER
Order of Princess ___ (Ukrainian civil decoration) OLGA
Panama border BRIM
Paystub letters FICA
Poison in the Agatha Christie novel 'Remembered Death' CYANIDE
Powerful piece in Stratego MARSHAL
President of the 1980s PWBOTHA
Return reply conveniences: Abbr SASES
Ronald Reagan's mother NELLE
Russian name traditionally given to girls born near Christmas NATASHA
Shade shade ECRU
Snoozing, usually ABED
Sold(i)er material TIN
Some personnel meetings ONEONONES
Take in ADOPT
The teensiest bit ATALL
Thinks through REASONS
Third afterthought abbr PPPS
Twice seis DOCE
Without restraint AMOK
Word of agreement LETS
___ House (landmark in Chicago's Hyde Park) ROBIE