USA Today - May 10 2004

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Clues Answers
"Who's Who" entries, briefly BIOS
Acadian Louisiana native CAJUN
Alpine river RHONE
Ascend RISE
Asian bearlike mammals PANDAS
Associate RELATE
Attacks verbally ASSAILS
Avarice GREED
Bloke CHAP
British noblemen BARONS
Competent ABLE
Day's crest NOON
Defeated BEATEN
Delight in ENJOY
Dennis or Doris DAY
Distress signal SOS
Divided by itself, the result is the same ONE
Dull sound CLUNK
Elementary particle MUON
Exclusive SCOOP
French cheese BRIE
From then till now SINCE
Fundamentals ABCS
Gloved one FIELDER
Hindu class CASTE
Horse chow OATS
Icy precipitation SLEET
It's applied before feathers TAR
Large shrimp sauteed in oil SCAMPI
Limber LOOSE
Lots and lots HEAPS
LP replacements CDS
LPGA member Stephenson JAN
Maestro Koussevitzky SERGE
Manner STYLE
Member of the Siouan people OTO
Memorable dieter SPRAT
Clues Answers
Moon program APOLLO
Most assuredly INDEED
No longer secret SEEN
Nudge POKE
Nuisance PEST
Objective pronoun HIM
Pear variety ANJOU
Pinochle term MELD
Popinjay SNOB
Pretend FEIGN
Provide financial grants ENDOW
Put-on ACT
Queen of Carthage, in myth DIDO
Rebounding sound waves ECHOES
Selvage HEM
Serpentine curve ESS
Ship's record LOG
Something to sniggle for EEL
Squeeze (out) EKE
Stockpile AMASS
Strange prop? TEE
Tizzy ADO
Traffic snarl TIEUP
Type of music BLUES
Up-front amount ANTE
Uptight TENSE
Vagabond HOBO
Veneration ESTEEM
Vouchsafe BESTOW
Western hangout SALOON
What fans called DiMaggio JOLTINJOE
What fans called Frazier SMOKINJOE
What fans called Jackson SHOELESSJOE
What fans called Namath BROADWAYJOE
What Satchmo said to Dolly HELLO
Witch transport BROOM
Yellow pigment OCHRE
___ alai JAI