L.A. Times Sunday - Dec 18 2011

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Clues Answers
"... and a ___ ..." (see 21 Across) READINGLIGHT
"... and a ___ ..." (see 21 Across) COFFEEMUG
"... and a ___ ..." (see 21 Across) OUIJABOARD
"... and a ___ ..." (see 21 Across) GUMERASER
"... and a ___ ..." (see 21 Across) CHOCOLATEBAR
"... and a ___ ..." (see 21 Across) SINATRACD
"... and a ___ ..." (see 21 Across) DILBERTDOLL
"... and a ___." (see 21 Across) DECKOFCARDS
"... to buy a ___" LAWNCHAIR
"... ___ ..." (see 21 Across) TWOTSHIRTS
"30 Rock" first name TINA
"Ashes to Ashes" author Hoag TAMI
"I'll pass, thanks" NOTME
"Next, I'm off to the ___ ..." DRUGSTORE
"Today at the bookstore I bought a ___ ..." CROISSANT
"___ sparingly ..." USEIT
35 Across city RIO
A fare choice? TAXI
Above, to Albrecht UBER
Accordion-playing comic Judy (anagram of ATTUNE) TENUTA
Acid type AMINO
Actress Adams EDIE
Actress Andersson or Besch BIBI
Agriculture goddess DEMETER
Air-safety org FAA
Airport announcement PAGE
Approval SAYSO
Aspersion SLUR
At this point HERE
Back bones SACRA
Be in a cast ACT
Become yucky, perhaps ROT
Beginning drawing class, perhaps ARTI
Bit of impishness ANTIC
Bluesy James et al ETTAS
Bottled-spirits giant SEAGRAM
Brazilian dance SAMBA
Bucker under a buckaroo BRONC
Call for help SOS
Cell centers NUCLEI
Certain operating system UNIX
Change again REEDIT
Checkout headache LINE
Children, to a department-store Santa LAPFULS
Chop down HEW
Dame of fame EDNA
Definite article THE
Deposed dictator AMIN
Diet restriction NOFATS
Douglas ___ FIR
Drew's great-aunt ETHEL
Drink ending ADE
Dunce cap-shaped CONIC
Early time SIXAM
Endure a hot spell BAKE
Field bundle BALE
Flag men REFS
Flat sign TOLET
Follow a pattern, perhaps SEW
Foot part ARCH
Fortune-teller's aid TAROT
Fox follower TROT
Get decent DRESS
Goes to SEES
Golden boy? OSCAR
Great smoky mountain? ETNA
Greek groom of 1968, informally ARI
Greek letters NUS
Group of eight OCTAD
Clues Answers
Hard to find RARE
Hilo honcho KAHUNA
Historic times ERAS
Hit the ice SKATE
Holds up LASTS
Holiday gatherers, often KIN
Hoop or drop, e.g EARRING
Hubbub ADO
In ___ (stuck) ARUT
Ingredient in some "light" chips OLESTRA
Instrument in a pit OBOE
It may fold out SOFA
It shows what you're made of: abbr ANAT
JFK served in it USN
Life, so they say JOURNEY
Like some jobs ODD
Lofting shots LOBS
Look-alike TWIN
Mandela's org ANC
Mature enough OFAGE
Miles away AFAR
Mill product? RUMOR
Movie openings? ROLES
New York city UTICA
No-sales-tax state OREGON
One of Asta's feeders NORA
Overlaying with pork LARDING
Ownership claim ITSMINE
Patty Hearst, e.g HEIRESS
Peek follower ABOO
Pressure preceder ACU
Price place TAG
Rainier et al.: abbr MTS
Reviewer Roger EBERT
Salmon's tail? ELLA
Salt Lake players UTES
Scarecrow reward BRAIN
See the point of GET
Shoots the breeze GABS
Slingshot missile STONE
Slow flow TRICKLE
Snake venom, e.g TOXIN
Some kind of a nut ALMOND
Sound gravelly RASP
Spigoted server URN
Start of an old school song ABCD
Steve of "Boardwalk Empire" BUSCEMI
Sun. talk SER
Superlative finish EST
Taboo temptation NONO
Take away DETRACT
Teacher of a sort SWAMI
Tempo PACE
The Braves: abbr ATL
The yoke's on them OXEN
The ___ Marbles ELGIN
Tiger in "The Jungle Book," ___ Khan SHERE
Tiger on a box TONY
Trees with nuts BEECHES
Type of bark ARF
Vaughan of jazz SARAH
Very, very EXTRA
Washday machines DRYERS
Wiser, presumably OLDER
Wood strips LATHS
Word after dish or dust CLOTH
Yemeni, e.g ARAB
___ angle (uneven) ATAN