Universal - Dec 8 2011

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Clues Answers
"Carmen" and "Norma" OPERAS
"I'm ___ mood to argue" INNO
"What did I tell you?" SEE
"___ in Toyland" BABES
A boy and his sis, e.g SIBS
A month in Madrid ENERO
Aggressive lawyer's advice SUE
Annapolis institution, initially USNA
Apportions (with "out") METES
Assuages EASES
Backbreaker, in a proverb STRAW
Barber's symbol POLE
Be in a bee SPELL
Beat it FLEE
Before you know it SOON
Bill Cosby book read at the auto factory? FATHERHOOD
Billiards option at the auto factory? BUMPERPOOL
Boatloads ALOT
Bottom-line figures SUMS
Break sharply SNAP
Café ___ (black coffee) NOIR
Certain work stint at the auto factory? SWINGSHIFT
Chaotic brawl MELEE
China-North Korea river YALU
Common test answer TRUE
Delicacy from the sea OYSTER
Dogpatch creator Al CAPP
Domicile ABODE
Dutch South African BOER
Embarrassing mistake BONER
Ending with "hemi" or "strato" SPHERE
Exxon precursor ESSO
Fathoms GETS
Game similar to bridge SPADES
Gives an edge to HONES
Goes one better than TOPS
Gravy helping, perhaps LADLEFUL
Guitar at the auto factory? FENDERBASS
Hoarfrost RIME
Clues Answers
I, to Claudius EGO
If or if not WHETHER
Isle near Mull IONA
It pairs with "Faith," in a saying BEGORRAH
Jason's fictional ship ARGO
Kind of stew IRISH
Lion's bellow ROAR
Musical finales CODAS
Normand of silent movies MABEL
Oceanic eagle ERN
One-horse carriage SHAY
Overly sentimental SAPPY
Plan detail SPEC
Play the lead STAR
Playing with a full deck SANE
Positive electrode ANODE
Professional fool JESTER
Rodeo rope LASSO
Sacred choral work MOTET
Sadat of Egypt ANWAR
Shaping tools LATHES
Sheep's cry BAA
Shot the breeze JAWED
Slays, in slang OFFS
Slithery slayer ASP
Small river dam WEIR
Some may be junior or technical COLLEGES
Stocking problem SNAG
Suffix with "Japan" or "Taiwan" ESE
Sunflower support STEM
Swim meet divisions LANES
Takes advantage of USES
Talk back to SASS
The Sopranos were here HBO
Those born in late July LEOS
Those in favor PROS
Wearable wares APPAREL
Well-intentioned one DOGOODER
___ Romeo (Italian car) ALFA