Irish Times (Crosaire) - Dec 7 2011

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Clues Answers
A hormone terminus, or a Greek letter N ENDORPHIN
A hundred were present to be 7-down CARE
A little lie about a quiet one that might choke somebody FISHBONE
A memorial to the doctor's pitch TOMBSTONE
Dismal, heartless old way to call DIAL
Early closing for Ardee after England quickly initiated a fence perhaps? ENGARDE
Eastern PP for 20-across EPEES
Incense from the eastern exotic range? ENRAGE
It's beneath that, shortly before interrupting the stormy noise THEREUNDER
It's not essential to annoy the ship NEEDLESS
It's not nothing, it's roughly one N or Z NONZERO
It's rough finding a different venue around the North UNEVEN
Need the rest to see the politician outside Ireland? TIRED
Notes with this: 3x150F TREBLECLEF
Over one hundred fifty a year for describing some poetry LYRIC
Clues Answers
Perhaps he had a salty mate to draw? LOTTO
Pictures the wise men following the N6! ENVISAGES
Plaque for two sailors TARTAR
Read before changing my one Yen for cash READYMONEY
So noisy, so ringing below zero THUNDEROUS
That's one granny I and a friend are not moving INANIMATE
The ability to be a smooth talker is a blessing in disguise GLIBNESS
The instruction from Diane created confusion DISORDER
The southwest ring-road's north of Dublin SWORDS
Throw about the street CAST
Unhurried getting the garland, certainly LEISURELY
We take one-half high to determine the effect of gravity WEIGH
With Kay gone, Ken and Susan follow ENSUE
Worried getting to sea, we hear, as soon as the Royal Navy has Edward CONCERNED
You get five in a deer or a bird DOVE