Boston Globe - Nov 20 2011

Clues Answers
'Hic, __, hoc' HAEC
'Rubber Duckie' singer ERNIE
1966 hit '__ Rock' IAMA
2006 singer of 'Duets' BENNETT
Aircraft giant BOEING
Alitalia craft AEREO
Alters states MELTS
Andean camelids LLAMAS
Awfully sarcastic SNIDE
Bashful imitating Grumpy? SHORTANDSWEETANDSOUR
Basic French infinitive ETRE
Bean on the screen SEAN
Bit of a dope SAPHEAD
Blackberry, e.g PDA
Bowlful of noodles RAMEN
Broad st BLVD
BYOB choice WINE
Carrier to Tel Aviv ELAL
Catcher of a pelota CESTA
Celtic foes NETS
Changes a coat MOLTS
Cincy nine REDS
Cleave RIVE
Clog-busting product DRANO
Coiling strand TENDRIL
Comeback ANSWER
Connected TIEDIN
Crunchy bean holder TOSTADA
Dairy report? MOO
Delivery datum, in brief LBS
Do a new lube job on REOIL
Drum in a raga TABLA
Earth breakers HOES
Edward and Norman LEARS
Everything in the smithy? ARMANDHAMMERANDTONGS
Explanations WHYS
Extinct kin to an ostrich MOA
Extra NBA periods OTS
Favoring a form of Mideast unity PANARAB
Fender blemish DING
Finalize a contract SIGN
Fischer's corner piece ROOK
Fly to avoid TSETSE
Frenzied retinue of Dionysus MAENADS
FYI relative BTW
Girl Scout cookie type SAMOA
Go from frozen to cooked? SHIVERANDSHAKEANDBAKE
Go together DATE
Golden Horde capital SARAI
Golf's Ballesteros SEVE
Good earth LOAM
Have no co-pilot SOLO
Hayek who starred in 'Frida' SALMA
Hiding place in 'Hamlet' ARRAS
Hightailed it FLED
In-the-pink state HEALTH
Is, for them ARE
Jai __ ALAI
Juggling while biking, say STUNT
Lady whose work was riveting ROSIE
Lady-love of Geraint ENID
Land amid blue ISLE
Lash of Westerns LARUE
Latin list-ender ETAL
Like a Yuletide tree TRIMMED
Clues Answers
Like some well-tested garments? WASHANDWEARANDTEAR
Looked-up-to one IDOL
Make toxic ENVENOM
Mets speedster REYES
Ming who played ball YAO
Most peculiar ODDEST
N.R.C. predecessor AEC
Negative rep BADNAME
No-good jalopy LEMON
Nomadic West Africans FULANI
North or south ender ERN
Of a Scottish island group HEBRIDEAN
Order to Rex SIT
Org. for swingers PGA
Passed, as rations METED
Pea jacket? POD
Pedro's hands MANOS
Peer of McGwire SOSA
Pindaric piece ODE
Placid, e.g LAKE
Prez #16 ABE
Quarter of two HALF
Resell for profit SCALP
Rock bottom NADIR
Rock like flint CHERT
Rooster's crest COMB
Sets up financially ENDOWS
Sitter's creation LAP
Skirts of a certain length MIDIS
Soap shape CAKE
Social standards NORMS
Some amphibians TOADS
Some MLB hitters DHS
Something like a loch FIRTH
Songwriting Paul ANKA
Soup kitchen supply SPOONS
Spring event THAW
Squeezer with scales BOA
Stiff and formal STARCHY
Stream at Stratford AVON
Sublime places EDENS
The King, once ELVIS
Tony who won batting titles OLIVA
Tooth decay CARIES
Tower material? IVORY
Treat rudely on line ELBOW
Typical Stephen King setting MAINE
Unbroken gaze STARE
Unwanted shoe feature ODOR
Utterance in a flock BAA
Very, to Pierre TRES
Was a dazzler SHONE
Way out EGRESS
Welcome gift BOON
Wet circle MOAT
What a scout may seek TALENT
What wind can be EROSIVE
With 'around,' waste time DIDDLE
Without interruption ONEND
Work like a dog TOIL
Work with goggles on WELD
Works on a comic strip INKS
Worry a lot STEW
Yuletide tree FIR
__ hygiene ORAL