New York Times - Nov 13 2011

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Clues Answers
'#1' follows it WERE
'10' in a bikini BEACHBABE
'Don't think so!' NOPE
'New Sensation' band, 1988 INXS
'Reading Rainbow' network PBS
'Shoot!' NUTS
'Shucks!' AWGEE
'Son of Darius, please confirm my dog is male'? XERXESSEXREX
'That ... can't be ...' BUT
'That's a fact' TRUE
'That's it!' AHA
'We totally should!' YESLETS
1970 #1 R&B hit for James Brown SUPERBAD
1998 Masters champion Mark OMEARA
A lack of compassion NOHEART
A pastel AQUA
A street drug, for short XTC
Actress Thurman UMA
African menace ASP
Approx EST
Best effort ALL
Big ___ SUR
Bit of progress DENT
Bonus reel fodder BLOOPERS
Candy company whose first flavor was Pfefferminz PEZ
Cities, informally URBS
Come full circle? LAP
Completely flip GOPOSTAL
Constantly shifting ANTSY
Cry with a forehead slap, maybe STUPID
Curio displayers ETAGERES
Cut, in a way LASED
Dashed fig SSN
Dedicated offerings ODES
Denizens: Suffix ITES
Disparaging Argentine leader badly injured? DEROGATIVEEVITAGORED
Down in the dumps BLUE
Drains SAPS
Em and Bee, e.g AUNTS
Emergency broadcast SOS
Federal org. with inspectors OSHA
Feel that one's had enough, say WANTOUT
Flip of a flop HIT
Followers of William the Conqueror NORMANS
Foreign tender? AUPAIR
Former J.F.K. line TWA
Former N.B.A. star Spud WEBB
Former telco giant GTE
French clergymen ABBES
Get back to RSVP
Given the heave-ho AXED
Guitar great Paul LES
Hampshire mother EWE
Having a policy of reverse seniority? AGEIST
Hip-hop's ___ Def MOS
Inferior tour vehicle for Snoop Dogg? SUBPARRAPBUS
Info on modern business cards URLS
It may be settled over beers BARBET
It serves a duel purpose EPEE
It's stunning TASER
Italian article UNA
Italian vineyard region ASTI
Jah worshiper RASTA
Just sort, supposedly LIBRA
Kay of 'Rich Man, Poor Man' LENZ
Clues Answers
Lead's counterpart ERASER
Long Island county west of Suffolk NASSAU
Medusa killer takes his agent to court? PERSEUSSUESREP
Nativity figure JOSEPH
Nest egg option, briefly IRA
Not be spoken aloud GOUNSAID
Oklahoma city ADA
One encountered in a close encounter UFO
One side in a bullfight ELTORO
One who gets things PROCURER
One-on-one job for a ladies' man? GIGOLOSSOLOGIG
Ooplasm locale OVUM
Open hearings in courts OYERS
Part of a sentence: Abbr OBJ
Part of GPS: Abbr SYST
Part of N.C.A.A.: Abbr ATH
Partner of raised BORN
Picture of health, for short? MRI
Pipe fitting ELBOW
Pistil complement STAMEN
Place to buy stage props SCENESHOP
Pres. Carter's alma mater USNA
Press URGE
Producers of scuff marks SOLES
Punk offshoot EMO
Recollection from a winter tourist in Poland? WARSAWWASRAW
Rein in TAME
Reinforced ice cream container? BUTTRESSEDDESSERTTUB
Repulsive UGSOME
River islands AITS
Roxy Music co-founder ENO
Rx qty TSP
Scaloppine, usually VEAL
See 93-Across TREE
Send out press releases, e.g DOPR
Show, as something new EXPOSETO
Singsong syllable TRA
Skirts smaller than minis MICROS
SoCal squad LAPD
Sorority letters XIS
Sound dumbfounded GASP
Spin meas RPS
Stanza alternative SENTRA
Start of an aside, to tweeters BTW
Stopping point? DIME
Students err? PUPILSSLIPUP
Take back REPO
Temptation BAIT
The auld sod EIRE
The old man PAPA
Their necks can turn 270 degrees OWLS
They may be metric ... or not FEET
They may be sore after a game LOSERS
TiVo, for one DVR
Top 40 fare POP
Total ARE
Tracing paper, e.g OVERLAY
Twosomes DUOS
Wedded ONE
What Eng. majors pursue BAS
Who said 'Learn from the masses, and then teach them' MAO
Whom Han Solo calls 'Your Worship' LEIA
With 65-Down, stuck UPA
___ pepper SGT