Jonesin Crosswords - Nov 8 2011

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Clues Answers
"Am I right?" at the end of UK sentences INNIT
"So Big" author Ferber EDNA
"Star Trek: Voyager" station UPN
1990s wrestling show on USA (until the league changed its name) WWFRAW
301, in ancient Rome CCCI
Actress Amy of "Angel" and "Dollhouse" ACKER
Actress Ann of "The Whales of August" SOTHERN
Affect TOUCH
Aphid that creates a milky food for other insects ANTCOW
Arrangement of resources or funds ALLOCATION
Canadians, vis-a-vis Cambodians, e.g WESTERNERS
Chilean currency PESO
Copper head? LINCOLN
Digit-al agreement? PINKYSWEAR
Disco fixture GLITTERBALL
Dish out little barbs ZING
Document of 1215 MAGNACARTA
Dollar competitor AVIS
Fashion legend Christian DIOR
Fathers SIRES
Feature at the end of some wire cutters or French nails SLIMTIP
Flubs ERRS
Furniture in a spa MASSAGEBED
Fuss ADO
Gets down STOOPS
Hang in there till the end STICKITOUT
Have trouble with the "missus"? LISP
How some indie bands' singles are released, for music connoisseurs ONVINYL
Huge blunder EPICFAIL
Instruction for Johnny, in a "Breakfast Club" monologue SMOKEUP
It merged with Bell Atlantic to become Verizon GTE
Leg of a race, in French ETAPE
Like a "Let's Make a Deal" door selection, odds-wise ONEINTHREE
Clues Answers
Like a stone mound set up as a memorial CAIRNED
Little girl's dream birthday present PONY
Metalworkers' locales STEELYARDS
Monks' hoods COWLS
More widespread VASTER
Movie with Blu the macaw RIO
Nighttime in Nogales NOCHE
One of a dozen MAY
Potato pancake LATKE
Preservationist working at a museum ARTRESTORER
Riga resident LETT
Rum desserts BABAS
Scary words on a school paper SEEME
Set one's sights AIM
Shady figure? ELM
Similar LIKE
Sound like a heavy smoker RASP
Stick in the microwave ZAP
Storm heading: abbr ENE
Suddenly surge forward TAKETHELEAD
To the back of the ship ASTERN
Toots & the Maytals genre SKA
Top-of-memo abbr ATTN
Traveler's stop INN
Trees of the future SAPLINGS
Turn down NIX
Ultra-bright NEON
Unable to sit still ANTSY
Vessel in some rites PYX
Vowel sound SCHWA
Wall climber IVY
Washington-area airport DULLES
Words yelled on the porch SHOOCAT
___-Hulk (Marvel superheroine) SHE