Boston Globe - Nov 6 2011

Clues Answers
'Ants on a log' log CELERY
'Fantastic Voyage' rapper COOLIO
'I concur' AGREED
'Iron Chef' creation MEAL
'Java' trumpeter Al HIRT
'Little __ know...' DIDI
'Ooky' cousin on TV ITT
'That's sooo adorable' AWW
'The Phantom of the Opera' writer LEROUX
'The Phantom' star Billy ZANE
'Yeah, right' OHSURE
21-Across arm STEN
42-Across, et al OLEOS
94-Down hometown TAMPA
Alan of 'The Aviator' ALDA
Amish lad, sometimes PLOWBOY
Arroyo of the 2004 Red Sox BRONSON
Aussie's college UNI
Autobiography subject SELF
Bad vibrations? QUAKES
Bank deposit? SILT
Bar with batwing doors SALOON
Belittle ABASE
Boreal forest bird GRAYJAY
British physicist/writer CPSNOW
Buckets ALOT
Burly guys, jocularly MOOSES
Came to rest ALIT
Cape-worthy? HEROIC
Chalice filler WINE
Chekhovian sister OLGA
Cocktail garnish TWIST
Continental currency EURO
Country rocker Charlie DANIELS
Crawfish habitats BAYOUS
Criminally help ABET
Cry from a coaster WHEE
Cut it out DESIST
D-Day milieu WWII
Do as you're told OBEY
Dogpatch diminutive LIL
Downwind ALEE
Drape fastener TIEBACK
Duffels for sailors SEABAGS
Eat halfheartedly PICKAT
Emperor after Galba OTHO
Ericson who sailed LEIF
Ex-Dodger Hershiser OREL
Ferber novel of 1924 SOBIG
Former frontier WEST
Functions, in a way ISUSED
Gear for mountaineers ICEAXES
Gear hauled by roadies AMPS
Geometry finding AREA
Get payback for AVENGE
Good, to Guglielmo BUON
Grammy winner Mary J BLIGE
Greek sun god HELIOS
Greeting from Fido ARF
Guthrie at Woodstock ARLO
Harbor bobber BUOY
Honeycomb section CELL
Hook on a fishing boat GAFF
Horne who sang LENA
Hot new thing RAGE
Hunky follower DORY
Hypothesize POSIT
Island in 'Typhoon Alley' GUAM
Ivy League inst UPENN
Jabberwockian laugh CHORTLE
Jai __ ALAI
Clues Answers
January birthstone GARNET
Jar for jonquils VASE
Junior hooter OWLET
Keanan of 'My Two Dads' STACI
Keyboard type QWERTY
Leave the car, pronto HOPOUT
Letters for ZIP code 10001 NYNY
Like a pirate fight GORY
Like a Thai or a tiger ASIAN
Lowland spots DALES
Luxury hotel chain OMNI
Masculine side YANG
Mayberry matron AUNTBEE
Mellows, maybe AGES
Mini har-har? GIGGLE
Mini-maelstrom EDDY
Morales in movies ESAI
Move, to an agent RELO
Musical pairs DUOS
No sweat EASY
Nobel-winning poet Paz OCTAVIO
Obdurate STEELY
Oceanic hue BLUE
Osso buco essential VEAL
Parroted ECHOED
Parrots APES
Philippe Petit prop WIRE
Piece for sitar RAGA
Pirated Beatles song? AVASTTHARJUDE
Pirated Buddy Holly song? PEGLEGSUE
Pirated children's song? IBEAWEERUMPOT
Pirated jazz standard? BYEBYEBLACKBEARD
Pirated Jimmy Buffett song? MARRGHARITAVILLE
Pirated Johnny Cash song? IWALKTHEPLANK
Pirated Satchmo song? AHOYDOLLY
Pirated Stephen Foster song? YOHOHOSUSANNA
Piratic football pro BUC
Preposition of yore ERE
Pulled down EARNED
Pundits SWAMIS
Reed and Rawls LOUS
Relative of reggae SKA
Rinse, spin, etc CYCLES
Rudely jabs ELBOWS
Rule inadmissible BAN
Saldana of 'Avatar' ZOE
Seep slowly OSMOSE
Sighed aside AHME
Sign on a score CLEF
Some time ago ONCE
Sort of logic gate NOR
South Pacific setting SAMOA
Speeder's view? BLUR
Spread in a tub PARKAY
Started the bidding OPENED
Stir-fry pans WOKS
Strays ERRS
Sumac who sang YMA
Tasmanian burrower WOMBAT
Techie type GEEK
Teen drama '__ Creek' DAWSONS
Trains overhead ELS
Unconvincing LAME
Use a vuvuzela TOOT
Water non-mixer OIL
Woeful poems ELEGIES
Zaragoza's river EBRO
Ziggy Stardust's style GLAM
__ vie (brandy) EAUDE