New York Times - Feb 1 1998

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Clues Answers
'...a tune from one of their ___' OLDALBUMS
'...on the subject of ___' STICKTOITIVENESS
'...starring ___...' TERENCESTAMP
'...unless ___' ITSCANCELED
'And at 7 P.M. there'll be a showing of the 60's film ___...' THECOLLECTOR
'At 1 P.M. ___ will sing...' THELETTERMEN
'At 11 A.M. ___ will speak' NORMANMAILER
'At 3 P.M. President Clinton will ___...' DELIVERANADDRESS
'At 5 P.M. the Philatelic Society will discuss some ___' NEWISSUES
'At 9 A.M. breakfast will be supplied by ___' POSTCEREALS
'Dies ___' IRAE
'___, the heavens were opened': Matt. 3:16 ANDLO
12th-century poet OMAR
1984 Peace Nobelist TUTU
Abbr. on a Mayberry envelope RFD
Access ENTRY
Actress Suzanne SOMERS
Actress Ward SELA
Ambient music pioneer ENO
Axis Powers, once ENEMY
Ball partner ARNAZ
Barcelona buck PESETA
Basic: Abbr. ELEM
Bearish URSINE
Big letters in public broadcasting WNET
Blackbird MERL
Bleached PALE
Boarding place STOP
Brick baker KILN
British gun STEN
Call to action UPANDATIT
Case workers: Abbr. ATTYS
Caterpillar hairs SETAE
Christina's dad ARI
City on the Ganges PATNA
Cobbler's need TREE
Collins juice LIME
Colorful spiral seashell TRITON
Columbus, for one: Abbr. CIR
Comics sound SPLAT
Conk BOP
Dam agcy. TVA
Dance invitation response LOVETO
Dario Fo forte SATIRE
Dentists' kids, probably FLOSSERS
Dr. Scholl products INSOLES
Drives forward IMPELS
Europe/Asia dividers URALS
Familiars, often CATS
Fashion house ___-Picone EVAN
Film changes EDITS
Fire escape route STAIRS
First name among sopranos KIRI
First name in TV talk LEEZA
Flatten LAYLOW
Gallery event ARTSALE
Glove fabric LISLE
Goes limp WILTS.
Goes limp WILTS
Govt. property org. GSA
Grouper grabbers NETS
Handle a joystick AVIATE
Have the guts DARE
He helped topple Batista CHE
He's a weasel ERMINE
Hockey's Lindros ERIC
Hollywood dive? STUNT
Hosts MCS
Human-powered taxi PEDICAB
Clues Answers
I love: Fr. JAIME
In post-career mode: Abbr. RET
Infamous Roman NERO
Initiated, legally FILED
It can be fresh or hot AIR
Jackson and Leigh JANETS
Jamaican sect member RASTA
Jersey Standard's other name ESSO
Jupiter JOVE
Key of Mendelssohn's Symphony No. 3 AMINOR
Kind of alcohol AMYL
Knot-tying place CHAPEL
Lead pumper GAT
Like R. L. Stine stories SCARY
Like some triangles SCALENE
Lively intelligence ESPRIT
Loss-prevention device SAVEALL
Mary of Peter, Paul and Mary TRAVERS
Mastic, for one RESIN
Modern office staples PCS
Mount Vernon, e.g. ESTATE
My, to Mimi MES
Neckwear accessory TIEPIN
Nonexistent NIL
Numerous MANY
O'Donnell and Perez ROSIES
Ostracized one LEPER
Places for coats PEGS
Practical joke JAPE
Prelude to a hickey DOO
Prepare to land DESCEND
Prodigious IMMENSE
Province of Spain AVILA
Put ___ fight UPA
Quite a while DAYS
Race car sponsor STP
Ready to spit IRATE
River near Chantilly OISE
Rum-soaked cake BABA
School orgs. PTAS
Sheriff Lobo portrayer AKINS
Singer Peggy LEE
Slangy tag-team member RASSLER
Slaps a new head on RETITLES
Slick, so to speak SUAVE
Snail trail SLIME
Some pops: Abbr. SRS
Sorry individual ATONER
Subj. of 60's protest SSS
Summer getaway, perhaps CAMP
Tall, slender hound SALUKI
Talus area ANKLE
The less-used end ERASER
Ticket CITE
Tongue-lasher? LACER
TV dog REN
Underground systems METROS
Unusually smart APT
Uzbek sea ARAL
Wage news RAISE
Without form AMORPHIC
Without foundation BASELESS
Wound with sound DEAFEN
Wristbone-related CARPAL
Writer Singer and inventor Singer ISAACS
[see other side] OVER