Ink Well xwords - Nov 4 2011

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Clues Answers
'Bring ___ troops home' (pacifist's slogan) OUR
'How is this night different?' event SEDER
'In that case ...' IFSO
'Let's go already!' CMON
'No more food, thanks' IMSET
'Send everyone ___; mastheads there!': Ahab AFT
'South Park' rating TVMA
'There's really nothing ___!' TOIT
'___ on now!' (fighter's words) ITS
1970s-80s genre with gender-bending outfits GLAM
A Spice Girl MELC
Actor Grant who received only an honorary Oscar CARY
And so on and so forth, briefly ETC
Antimalarial drug QUININE
Belgian painter James with 'Scandalized Masks' ENSOR
Biblically-minded rapper, or a story in which a 2008 runner-up kills his brother? MCCAINANDABEL
Birthplace of Gabrielle Giffords TUCSON
Charge for drivers TOLL
Cheeky part? ARSE
Coffee fetcher, perhaps AIDE
Convulsion often followed by a blessing SNEEZE
Dr. Alzheimer ALOIS
Enrich to prevent goiters, say IODIZE
Enterprise crew member Chekov PAVEL
Exploited USED
Functioning like a library LOANING
Gas in torches BUTANE
Greek moon goddess SELENE
In the vicinity NEAR
Inexpensive pens and lighters BICS
It showed some of the MLB playoffs in 2011 TBS
Jacksonian declaration? IMBAD
Kind of radio with two bands AMFM
Like airport X-rays, supposedly FILMSAFE
Like recent Middle East protests, to some extent PANARAB
Like the students at Gallaudet DEAF
Locked-out athlete, at the moment NBASTAR
Clues Answers
Lots and lots OODLES
Marilyn Monroe's real first name NORMA
Member of a colony ANT
Member of a mystical Islamic sect SUFI
Name in smartphones NOKIA
Not at all pro ANTI
Not odd EVEN
Noted torture device RACK
Oats often eaten with yogurt MUESLI
Ohio-born humorist Bombeck ERMA
Old Oldsmobile ALERO
Old Russian despot's daughter CZAREVNA
Out of port ASEA
Picturesque times of day DUSKS
Prefix with 'mom' OCTO
Raised, as racehorses BRED
Rapper who prefers a pretty large mattress, or comparable in build to fashion designer Alexander? MCQUEENSIZED
Rapper with no plans to stick around, or a 'Back to the Future' hero after hours? MCFLYBYNIGHT
Refrain in a song full of animal sounds EIEIO
Some NFL linemen RTS
Source of durable wood? VIAGRA
Successfully vaccinated IMMUNE
Suffix with neat or beat NIK
Sugary drink COLA
The 'definitive record of the English language' OED
They may be composed by lovers ODES
Third person biblical verb DOTH
Troyer who plays Mini-Me VERNE
Weight-conscious rapper, or what the singer of 'American Pie' eats? MCLEANCUISINE
What most of Phil Spector's catalog was recorded in MONO
White House Cabinet dept ENER
Word before a former name NEE
Zuccotti Park covering TENT
[Getting milked is sort of annoying, but I don't feel like running away] MOO
___ gras (PETA concern) FOIE
___ Plaines, IL DES