Universal - Nov 1 2011

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Clues Answers
"And the earth ___ without form" WAS
"Don't make me laugh!" HAH
"In ___ of flowers ..." LIEU
"Jelly Roll" of jazz MORTON
"Pants on fire" person LIAR
"___ we forget" LEST
Actor Wallach ELI
Apparel GARB
Aquarium organism ALGA
Arrest, in slang RUNIN
At times, it's a stretch LIMO
Awaiting delivery, in a way UNBORN
Birthday topic AGE
Brake part PEDAL
Breakfast possibility CODDLEDEGG
California prison city SOLEDAD
Casaba, e.g MELON
Cell occupant? DNA
Certain instrumentalist BASSOONIST
Chief support MAINSTAY
Chips in at the start ANTES
Circle segments RADIUSES
Conducted LED
Considers, as a judge HEARS
Coward of England NOEL
Crooned SANG
Dirge's tempo LENTO
Dream-period acronym REM
Fight the imaginary? SHADOWBOX
Gel used in cosmetics ALOE
Golden parachute beneficiary EXEC
Govt. headed by Jefferson Davis CSA
Hannibal crossed them ALPS
Hired thug GOON
Hose or hoes' place SHED
Howling scavenger HYENA
Implored PLEADED
Iridescent OPALINE
Island welcome ALOHA
Clues Answers
Last of 26 ZEE
Leg bones TIBIAS
Likewise ALSO
Macbeth's honorific THANE
Maugham's "Cakes and ___" ALE
Miss Doolittle ELIZA
New York silver center ONEIDA
Offensively curious NOSEY
Old French coin SOU
One living in a dump RAT
Orange juice component PULP
Out of ___ (not agreeing) SYNC
Patient care grp HMO
Pauley Pavilion school UCLA
Pear-shaped instrument LUTE
Pearl Harbor locale OAHU
RN's specialty TLC
Roof edge EAVE
Sad state of affairs PLIGHT
Sandpaper choice COARSE
Small bits SMIDGENS
Somber GRAVE
Some literary pieces ESSAYS
Steady BEAU
Stuff below a sneezeguard SALAD
Table scraps ORTS
Tokyo tender YEN
Tote with effort LUG
Treaties PACTS
Tropical fruit PAPAYA
Undersea prowler, briefly SUB
With adroitness ABLY
Word with "little" or "major" LEAGUE
Worshipped one IDOL
Young fellow LAD
___ de Triomphe ARC