L.A. Times Daily - Oct 30 2011

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Clues Answers
"Breathing Lessons" novelist Tyler ANNE
"Evil Under the Sun" detective POIROT
"Hungarian Fantasy" composer LISZT
"I'll take that as __" ANO
"It's __": "Problem solved" OKNOW
"Little Shop of __" HORRORS
"Prove it!" SHOWME
"Shazam!" PRESTO
"Sounds good to me!" IMIN
"Yay! Go me!" IWIN
122-Across, informally PREZ
87-Down fruit SLOES
Actress Charlotte RAE
Alludes (to) REFERS
Ambassador's asset TACT
Aquarium fish OPAH
Auto insurance giant GEICO
Bar staple GIN
Barber's stroke SNIP
Big 51-Across manufacturer NCR
Bjorn rival ILIE
Blessing elicitor AHCHOO
Bone: Pref OSTE
Brouhaha TODO
Camp Swampy dog OTTO
Carvey who played the Church Lady DANA
Chaney of film LON
Chatty bird MYNAH
Class-conscious orgs.? PTAS
Co. designation INC
Column begun in 1956 by Pauline Phillips DEARABBY
Composer Gustav MAHLER
Critter in old Qantas ads, popularly KOALABEAR
Crosswise, shipwise ABEAM
Cry of pain YELP
Dear one, in Italy CARO
Demolition supply TNT
Doesn't act just yet HESITATES
Early floppy disk size EIGHTINCH
Ernie's roommate BERT
Everyone liked my ghost boyfriend, but . . ISAWRIGHTTHROUGHHIM
Famous KNOWN
Feline who said "We're all mad here" CHESHIRECAT
Fine porcelain BONECHINA
Firewood measure STERE
Florida's team GATORS
Folded corner DOGEAR
Four Corners st NMEX
Fresh out of the oven PIPINGHOT
From square one ANEW
Get __ years: age ONIN
Gillette's __ II TRAC
Give a ring DIAL
Go nowhere in particular ROAM
God-fearing PIOUS
Gp. with a co-pay HMO
Green Hornet sidekick KATO
Guinea pig, e.g RODENT
Hershey bar SKOR
Home to four-and-twenty blackbirds PIE
Hosp. units ERS
I had a relationship with Frankenstein's monster, but . . ITCAMEAPARTATTHESEAMS
Ivory Coast neighbor GHANA
Kite attachment TAIL
Krypton, for one GAS
L.A. Angel, e.g ALER
Layer HEN
Letters on Windy City trains CTA
Light bulb unit WATT
Clues Answers
Like Granny Smiths TART
Like some obedience FILIAL
Like the best bet SUREST
Lord's Prayer opening OUR
Mai __: fruity cocktail TAI
Marker feature FELTTIP
Messenger god HERMES
Minting process COINAGE
More dangerous RISKIER
More smarmy OILIER
Morsel for dipping SOP
Munch museum masterpiece THESCREAM
Musical drama OPERA
My first crush was on a mummy, but . . HESWRAPPEDUPINHIMSELF
Nestles SNUGS
Nocturnal hunters OWLS
Not close FAR
Not many FEW
Novelist Frederik POHL
Now I'm dating Count Dracula. Things are going well, but . . HECANBEAPAININTHENECK
Number retired by the Orioles for Jim Palmer TWENTYTWO
Obama, as of Jan. 2009 CINC
Obey the coxswain ROW
Obscure ARCANE
Old Testament bk NEH
Old TV production co MTM
One can stand to lose it LAP
Opera that premiered in Cairo AIDA
Org. that investigates crashes NTSB
Part of a Latin trio AMAT
Part of SOP: Abbr STD
PDQ, to an RN STAT
PIN requester ATM
Pizzazz BRIO
Planter's choice LOAM
Poet's before ERE
Prefix for fall PRAT
Puts on a coat PAINTS
Quite rough HARSH
Relative's nickname SIS
River to the Seine OISE
Ruler deposed in 1979 SHAH
Ryan of "You've Got Mail" MEG
Scratches (out) EKES
Self-interested one EGOIST
Slippery EELY
Son of David ABSALOM
Spot-on APT
String after B CDE
Take up, as a homemade costume REHEM
Taking issue? KLEPTOMANIA
Teen's affliction ACNE
Title for a guru SRI
Tool for a mountaineer ICEAX
Training room GYM
Traveling, like Blues Traveler ONTOUR
Two-part David Bowie song from "Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)" ITSNOGAME
Uses FedEx again RESHIPS
Ustinov who played 1-Across PETER
Vampire-romance series TWILIGHT
Veggie that looks like an overgrown scallion LEEK
When I moved to Sleepy Hollow, I started dating a soldier, but . . HEKEPTLOSINGHISHEAD
Wide of the mark OFF
York __: British cathedral MINSTER
__ Afghan Airlines ARIANA
__ cat: baseball variation ONEO
__ psychology POP
__ roast POT
__ upswing ONAN