Universal - Oct 27 2011

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Clues Answers
"... to thine own ___ be true" SELF
"Adios" CIAO
"Be it ___ so humble …" EVER
"Didn't I tell you?" SEE
"F" on a quiz FALSE
"From A to ___" (multivitamin ad line) ZINC
"I changed my mind" on a computer REDO
"The agony of de feet" CORNS
"___ 'im, Fido!" SIC
"___ many words" INSO
''Great Caesar's ghost!'' EGAD
''Siddhartha'' author HESSE
1984 Summer Games boycotter USSR
A whole bunch LOTS
A-list group ELITE
Acted as arbiter REFEREED
Add to the faculty HIRE
Alleges as fact AVERS
And so on, for short ETC
Apply acid artistically ETCH
Applying to ears OTIC
Aquatic critter OTTER
Area between the shoulders ROAD
Art Deco illustrator ERTE
Avoid a bogey PAR
Away from the bluster ALEE
Awful dancer OAF
Backyard border FENCE
Beat a path TROD
Bit of fishing gear REEL
Cajole URGE
Caribbean taro EDDO
Catchall category OTHER
Chalet overhangs EAVES
Child of Japanese immigrants NISEI
Colored part of the eye UVEA
Crowd that needs controlling MOB
Demolishes, as a building RAZES
Dilapidated DECREPIT
Clues Answers
Director Coppola SOFIA
Egyptian goddess of fertility ISIS
Expose BARE
Fiddler's place? ROOF
German birthplace of Big Bertha ESSEN
Grand Central, e.g. (Abbr.) STA
Grp. that includes Iran and Iraq OPEC
Hardly a sissy MACHO
Horse's restraint REIN
Items often passed TESTS
Javelin paths ARCS
Job-application datum (Abbr.) SSN
Jug part EAR
Kid who rode Diablo CISCO
Klinger portrayer on ''M*A*S*H'' FARR
Like guns that shoot every time? SUREFIRE
Longfellow's bell town ATRI
Luxuriously fashionable POSH
Mary ___ (cosmetics name) KAY
Military muckamucks BRASS
Nixon delivered it in 1952 CHECKERSSPEECH
One of the Great Lakes ERIE
Peacock network NBC
Pomeranian barks YIPS
Practical joker's exploder CIGAR
Rebuke from a wife to her husband CURTAINLECTURE
Sale enticement REBATE
Science of heredity GENETICS
Second to ___ (tops) NONE
Start to freeze? ANTI
Sticky semiliquid GOOP
Take five REST
Topological shapes TORI
Type of training BASIC
Welles and Bean ORSONS
Wine dregs LEES
Winnie-the-___ POOH
___ de Janeiro, Brazil RIO