Canadiana - Oct 24 2011

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Clues Answers
After expenses NET
Alphabet run LMN
Be obligated OWE
Bravo! RAH
Bus. letter notation ENC
Car race INDY
Caviar ROE
Collection ANA
Common cookie OREO
Common crustacean LOBSTER
Crumble away ERODE
Dregs LEES
Error TYPO
From the East EASTERN
Imitate APE
Impassioned ENFLAMED
Impudence LIP
Insect repellent OFF
John Ritter's dad TEX
Jules Verne character NEMO
Litigator SUER
Lover boy ROMEO
Marmora for one SEA
Micro particle IOTA
Moncton, familiarly BEND
Mongolian TATAR
Montreal, familiarly METROPOLIS
Nameless dreads ANGST
No votes NAYS
Obsolescent audio source HIFI
Old Oiler, Tikkanen ESA
Clues Answers
One easily run over DOORMAT
Opening statement INTRO
Opera part ARIA
Pitch preceder SLO
Prefix denoting blood HEMO
Prefix denoting new NEO
Primitive sling-shot BOLA
Promissory note abbr IOU
Putative oaks ACORNS
Read-only memory ROM
Scarlett's home TARA
Scooter or phaeton RIDE
Sea eagle ERNE
Short fiber for yarn making NOIL
Soup makings OXTAIL
Stifle GAG
Taiwanese city BADE
This, in Zaragoza ESTE
Toronto, familiarly HOGTOWN
Troubles ILLS
Utilized USED
Weaponry ARMS
Weave TAT
Wiener car? LIMO
Wood ASH
__ Clapton ERIC
____ City (Brandon, familiarly) WHEAT
____City (Saskatoon, familiarly) HUB
_____ (Regina, familiarly) PILEOBONES
_____ City (Moncton, familiarly) LOYALIST