Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Oct 21 2011

Clues Answers
'Monty Python' opener ITS
'Yeah, right!' ASIF
22-Down, e.g SIDE
Actor Pitt BRAD
Always, in verse EER
Amorphous mass GLOB
Appellation NAME
Approaching NIGH
Bellow ROAR
Busy as -- ABEE
Calendar abbr DEC
Census stats AGES
Challenge DEFY
Cheer up ELATE
Comfortably inviting HOMEY
Corn spike EAR
Do as you're told OBEY
Dove's call COO
Earn an F in penmanship SCRIBBLE
Emeritus (Abbr.) RETD
Exam format ORAL
French cleric ABBE
Gangster's companion MOLL
Glittery cosmetic EYELINER
Greek X CHI
Hearty brew ALE
In conclusion LASTLY
Inundated AWASH
Just one of those things THAT
Loathe HATE
Made on a loom WOVE
Clues Answers
McDonald's offering FRIES
Meadow LEA
Met melody ARIA
Mimicked APED
Monarch RULER
Ogler's look LEER
Owl's call HOOT
Oxen's burden YOKE
Part of AT&T TEL
Pebbles' papa FRED
Pennsylvania Dutch pork concoction SCRAPPLE
Pennsylvania port ERIE
Picks out of a lineup IDS
Raggedy Ann, e.g DOLL
Rickey flavoring LIME
Satan's specialty EVIL
Sci-fi villain BLOB
Sheet of glass PANE
Shelter LEE
Sit-ins and such PROTESTS
Sleuth TEC
Thickly fibrous ROPY
Under the weather ILL
Understand, slangily GROK
Upper-class group ELITE
Water nymph NAIAD
Where 'TWELVE' is worth 12 SCRABBLE
With skill ABLY
Without stinting AMPLY