New York Times - Oct 20 2011

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Clues Answers
'EastEnders' network BBC
'Harry and Tonto' star CARNEY
'What rotten luck!' RATS
'___, 'tis true I have gone here and there': Shak ALAS
1980s Rowan Atkinson sitcom series set in various historical periods BADDER
Best Supporting Actress nominee for 'Five Easy Pieces' KARENB
Bird feeder tidbits SEEDS
Bud drinker? BEE
Burlesque bit SKIT
Butter knife, e.g SPREADER
Call option? TAILS
Country singer Rimes LEANN
Cover-up BWASH
Defender in a bridge column EAST
Eat in style DINE
Every last bit ALL
Famously polite Old West stagecoach robber BBART
Fastener in a punched hole BRAD
Fellah or fedayee ARAB
Filed things NAILS
First-aid experts, briefly EMTS
Follow a pattern, say SEW
Former life PAST
Gift upon arrival, maybe LEI
Go under DROWN
Gumption SPUNK
House sitter? HEN
Hunger enhancer, sometimes AROMA
Iconic AC/DC album with the song 'You Shook Me All Night Long' BACKINB
Insincere flattery, in slang BANANAOIL
It's whipped to make mousse EGGB
It's worthy of condemnation FIRETRAP
Items wrapped in friction tape WIRES
January department store events BSALES
Jimmy of 'The West Wing' SMITS
Lightly apply DAB
Like Death's horse PALE
Clues Answers
Like zebra crossings BANDB
Livery delivery FOAL
Mann of rock AIMEE
Many arcade-goers TEENS
Material you might look through VEIL
Mates PALS
Nest-building pests BANTS
Novelist Jaffe RONA
Nurslings BABES
One of the Minor Prophets AMOS
Organic sealant TAR
Packed with ideas, as an essay DENSE
Pink-slip CAN
Pod-bearing plant BEANTREE
Protracted LONG
Request to an interviewee BESEATED
Sarcophagus lid SLAB
Sedgwick in Warhol films EDIE
Shot of liquor SLUG
Snack BITE
Some nerve tissue BMATTER
Some soot LAMPB
Soreness ACHE
Sorento manufacturer KIA
Star of 2010's 'Gulliver's Travels' JACKB
Started one's shift CLOCKEDIN
Steamy places SPAS
Sticks out JUTS
The Venerable ___ (old English historian) BEDE
Then, to Thierry ALORS
Title role for Joe Pesci VINNY
Toothpaste ingredient BNER
Typical romance novel love interest HUNK
Unlucky in love, say ALONE
Unreactive element NEON
Untainted by corruption LILYB
Volcano features VENTS
Winged god AMOR
Woman of letters? VANNAB