USA Today - Oct 17 2011

Clues Answers
"And another thing . . ." ALSO
"Do unto ___ . . ." OTHERS
"God ___ America" BLESS
"I didn't do it," for one DENIAL
"What ___, chopped liver?" AMI
"___ Frutti" (Little Richard classic) TUTTI
A thing of the past RELIC
Agenda listing ITEM
Apt rhyme for "gain" ATTAIN
At the center of AMID
Av follower on the Hebrew calendar ELUL
Away from port ASEA
Balaam's beast ASS
Baseball gloves MITTS
Baserunners try to beat it THROW
Bear a lamb YEAN
Big South American bird RHEA
Blue ___ (Capri attraction) GROTTO
Boarding place GATE
Borden spokesbeast ELSIE
Bottom-of-the-barrel bit DREG
Breadbasket item ROLL
Cain and ___ ABEL
Close at hand NEAR
Clothes line HEM
Country established in 1948 NORTHKOREA
Dark, as a room UNLIT
Devoid of moisture SERE
Dispenser of twenties ATM
Fish, for 46-Across PREY
Fractions of mins SECS
Guy in the FBI GMAN
Inhabit anew REOCCUPY
Instruments for Ravi Shankar SITARS
James Dean classic EASTOFEDEN
Kind of code AREA
Legendary Himalayan YETI
Letters for a mind-reader ESP
Clues Answers
Like Lindbergh's famous flight SOLO
Like long-winded orators GASSY
Like many city streets ONEWAY
Long-legged wader HERON
Milo of theater OSHEA
No ___, ands or buts IFS
Oft-repeated word in "Fargo" YAH
Ounce divisions DRAMS
Part of a New Year's song title SYNE
Parts of feet ARCHES
Periphery EDGE
Put into piles, as laundry SORT
Quint portrayer in "Jaws" SHAW
R&B legend Redding OTIS
Regulations against liquor sales, etc BLUELAWS
Rob Roy liquor SCOTCH
Robin Hood's hangout FOREST
Scot's language ERSE
Small, grotesque troublemaker GOBLIN
Smart ___ (wise guy) ALECK
Something often lied about AGE
Straggler's place REAR
Stylish Miami area SOUTHBEACH
Theatrical backdrop SCRIM
Throw mud at, figuratively IMPUGN
Tiny tiff SPAT
Title for a lady MADAM
Type of sleep REM
Unstable leptons MUONS
Verb for Richard Simmons SWEAT
Victory by a long shot UPSET
Wagonmaster's cry WESTWARDHO
Walkie-talkie word ROGER
Water lily relative LOTUS
Were present? ARE
Woodpecker's tool NEB
___ chi (exercise system) TAI
___ Lanka SRI
___ tube (slang for TV) BOOB