- Oct 16 2011

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Clues Answers
''Charlie's Angels'' actress LIU
''Get outta here!'' SHOO
''Mack the Knife'' singer DARIN
''Sesame Street'' regular ERNIE
''__ tu'' (Verdi aria) ERI
African antelope RHEBOK
Air Force NCOs TSGTS
Airport-screen stat ETA
Alternatively ELSE
Ancient storyteller AESOP
Arms of the sea INLETS
Austrian dessert TORTE
Bachelor's last words IDO
Be negatively affected TAKEAHIT
Bean often ''refried'' PINTO
Belt clip-on PAGER
Blokes MEN
Boxing great ALI
Cartoonist Groening MATT
Chip off the old block SON
Clairvoyance ESP
Colleague of Pat and Vanna ALEX
Colorful pond fish KOI
Come upon MEET
Completely ATOZ
Cook up a scheme PLOT
Cotton or wheat CASHCROP
Couldn't take HATED
Court statement PLEA
Criticizes RIPS
Day-care deliveries TOTS
Denny's rival IHOP
Designer monogram YSL
Desolate region WILDS
Didn't stay put ROVED
Dramatic production PLAY
Draw off TAP
Employee's last words IQUIT
English horn kin OBOE
Escape from ELUDE
Far-flung fad CRAZE
Fermentation ingredient YEAST
Fit nicely MESH
Fix firmly EMBED
Flow slowly SEEP
Fork feature PRONG
Four-legged Oz visitor TOTO
Four-time Indy winner ALUNSER
Framing candidate PICTURE
Full of energy PEPPY
Full of the latest NEWSY
General on Chinese menus TSO
GI offense AWOL
Great pains CARE
Grocery section AISLE
HBO competitor SHO
Holiday precursor EVE
Hoop group NBAERS
Hover HANG
Immune system component TCELL
In the thick of AMID
Indivisible ONE
Iniquities EVILS
Interrogate QUIZ
It's often seen on a dog RELISH
It's SW of Buffalo ERIEPA
Job perk for few CORPORATEJET
Job perk for many TWOWEEKSVACATION
Job perk for many PAIDSICKLEAVE
Job perk for some STOCKOPTIONS
Clues Answers
Job perk for some RESERVEDPARKING
Job perk for some PROFITSHARING
Kicking specialist PUNTER
Kid-lit notable MILNE
Large quantity REAMS
Leaps over VAULTS
Legendary lawman EARP
Letters of urgency PDQ
Lip-curling look SNEER
Lyrics source for ''Cats'' ELIOT
Made dovelike sounds COOED
Mag's sales stat CIRC
Make happy ELATE
Marsh bird IBIS
Metal in pewter TIN
Movado alternative ROLEX
Muss up TOUSLE
Not real: Abbr IMIT
November birthstone TOPAZ
On the lam LOOSE
Ordeal TRIAL
Outer margin RIM
Packing a punch POTENT
Part of 112 Across NATL
Part of rpm PER
Pastel shade AQUA
Phoenix 112 Across SUNS
Pirate quaff RUM
Plane-wing part FLAP
Post-grad exams ORALS
Prefix meaning ''nerves'' NEURO
Prehistoric predator, for short DINO
Pro-shop purchase TEES
Proceed with little effort COAST
Pub serving ALE
Purse piece COMPACT
Reagan UN ambassador Kirkpatrick JEANE
Recipe amts TSPS
Rug shape, at times OVAL
Rural hotels INNS
Salad alternative SOUP
Searches, with ''about'' CASTS
Shoebox letters EEE
Short street LANE
Signed off on OKED
Slipped a cog ERRED
Some church donations TITHES
Somewhat, to Schubert POCO
Sound logic SENSE
Sounding like a 22 Across REEDY
Stadium display BANNER
Starfish arms RAYS
Still having a chance INIT
Subterfuge PLOY
Sudden attack RAID
Suffix for project ILE
Sunny, in Spain DELSOL
Supplement, with ''out'' EKE
SUV options TVS
Swindle SCAM
Tailless primate APE
Teeny amount MITE
Thing left in Pandora's box HOPE
Trattoria dessert TORTONI
Trumpet part VALVE
Vast chasm ABYSS
Wagering ctr OTB
Walk in a stream WADE
Warning sign OMEN
Web address starter HTTP
Wool worker KNITTER