L.A. Times Sunday - Oct 9 2011

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Clues Answers
"Gang" preceder OUR
"Give it ___!" AREST
"Hang ___ your hats" ONTO
"How can ___?" (gambler's query) ILOSE
"Look me in ___ ..." THEEYE
"Of this ___ certain" IAM
"Rashomon" star's first name TOSHIRO
"Stop!" follower THIEF
"Teacher's Pet" star GABLE
"There is no try" utterer YODA
"This ___ sudden!" ISSO
"What ___, Fort Knox?" AMI
"___ out of it today" IMSO
"___ with a little help from my friends" IGETBY
"___ you ready?" ARE
"___, do I have to?" AWGEE
66 Across in "King Kong" ANN
Actress Wray FAY
Admission of a sort SOILIED
Anthem start OSAY
Auric and M's creator IAN
Auto or info follower BAHN
B'way crossers STS
Bernanke's purview, with "the" FED
Big marine mammal ORCA
Bite-size fast food? LITTLEBIGMAC
Bk. depository LIB
Bond foe DRNO
Bonehead OAF
Broadcasting ONAIR
Burger king? KROC
Cartoon sea dweller SPONGEBOB
Choose for a chore HIRE
Chuck Berry tune NADINE
Clean (computers) DEBUG
Cologne conjunction UND
Cornball HOKEY
D-Day landing vessel, commonly LST
Dagwood's dog DAISY
Delilah opposite Victor's Samson HEDY
Detroit's contribution to mag. revenues CARADS
Diamond stat RBI
Dict. abbr OBS
Dinosaur-to-be EGG
Doesn't care ___ AFIG
East extension? ERN
Elvis's least favorite nickname? MEMPHISBELLY
Enthusiastic AVID
Epiphany moment AHA
Fan club focus IDOL
Faraday's forte: abbr SCI
Feminist's target: abbr MCP
Film unit REEL
Finish (a parking lot) TAR
Foam alternative GEL
For all to hear ALOUD
Former "Tonight Show" guitarist Eubanks, familiarly KEV
French sight, or a Saturn model VUE
Friendly intro? ECO
Gershwin and others IRAS
Go by, as time ELAPSE
Gon or gram lead-in HEXA
Hefty instrument TUBA
Herpetology subject ASP
Hits the books STUDIES
Hood's lead-spitter GAT
Horn with keys SAX
Hospital VIPs RNS
How you know that it's St. Patrick's Day in kinìderìgarìten? THEGREENMILK
Iditarod crew DOGTEAM
Iowa college COE
Item in a maternity ward gift shop? TOYSTORK
Jazzman Earl "___" Hines FATHA
John Elroy Sanford, casually REDD
Knight with bad table manners? IVANHOG
Clues Answers
Last interminably DRAGON
Like The Who's Tommy DEAF
Lyricist Lorenz HART
Mad magazine version of a De Niro movie? TAXIDRIVEL
Marty's creator PADDY
Mechanical bull for the kids? ROBOCOW
Meddlesome NOSY
Michael Moore documentary SICKO
Nav. rank CPO
New century's start MMI
New reality show about celebs on a pig farm? THESTINK
Nobelist Octavio PAZ
Not on the level SLOPED
Oom-___ band PAH
Oomph VIM
Pad user STENO
Painter Vermeer JAN
Ped ___ XING
Phone ID of a sort ITSME
Player's sideliner INJURY
Pony provoker SPUR
Popular street tree ELM
Potting need SOIL
Pre-1917 bigwig TSAR
Prego rival RAGU
Put down DEMEAN
Pyromorphite, e.g ORE
Respond add-on ENT
Rule, for short REG
Sec's partner? MIN
See 26 Across GOODAT
See 84 Across CAN
Singer Tori AMOS
Slugger Slaughter ENOS
Small vulpine varmint KITFOX
Some promises IDOS
Song about Astaire's arrival? BORNFRED
Stealth bomber BTWO
Steve Martin in his early days? THESINGINGNUT
Store selfishly HOARD
Store-hours word TIL
Stuffy-sounding NASAL
Sufficed DID
Sword part HILT
Take hold of POSSESS
Talon CLAW
Tennis term, briefly ADIN
Testing setting LAB
The Big Bang Theory, in German? DASBOOM
The Easy-Bake, for one? STARTINGOVEN
The second kind of, formally TYPEII
Tiny Pacific nation NAURU
Tip-top AONE
Town-square structure GAZEBO
Tritt, for short TRAV
Trompe l'___ OEIL
True ___ (as expected) TOFORM
Try to win over WOO
U.S. male? POSTMAN
Unrevealing skirt MAXI
Upsilon follower PHI
Utah's lily SEGO
What forensic shows take a close look at? THEINSIDES
What stockings are called in Indiana? HOOSIERY
When Romeo meets Juliet ACTI
Winning Cagney role COHAN
With 27 Across, excelled in WAS
With 70 Down, a Rat Packer's story YESI
Word in a Kubrick title SHUT
Wrigley's field? GUM
Yorkie's bark YIP
___ message LEFTA