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Clues Answers
$20 bill dispenser ATM
'-- Got Nobody' (standard song) IAINT
'... with -- -foot pole!' ATEN
'As -- often the case ...' ISSO
'In the same place footnote abbr.' IBID
'Je --' (French for 'I am') SUIS
'Jumpin' Jack Flash, --!' ITSAGAS
'Lord, is --?' ITI
'Man -- Mancha' OFLA
'Okey- --' DOKE
'Stretch' car LIMO
'Stupid me!' OOPS
'Turn to Stone' rock gp ELO
-- Cruces LAS
-- Loops (cereal) FROOT
-- Tin Tin RIN
103-Down accrual Abbr.: INT
1981 hit for Earth Wind & Fire, LETSGROOVE
1985 Larry McMurtry novel LONESOMEDOVE
A part of INON
A very long time EONS
Actor Alan ALDA
Actor Irons JEREMY
Adhesive GLUE
Answer's opposite: Abbr QUES
Artist Ernst MAX
Back something with a wager BETONIT
Baseball's Blue Jays, on scoreboards TOR
Be jealous of ENVY
Beam intensely LASE
Becomes hip, with 'up' WISES
Begin a tennis game against SERVETO
Bird's refuge NEST
Birthplace of GM FLINTMI
Bk. number VOL
Bon -- (epicure) VIVANT
Book's start PAGEONE
Bridge part TRESTLE
Brushing and flossing ORALCARE
Candle part WICK
Catchphrase SLOGAN
Certain citrus orchard LEMONGROVE
Certs piece, e.g MINT
Cheap town bar LOCALDIVE
Chimps, e.g APES
Chinese tea OOLONG
Chum PAL
Cockney, e.g LONDONER
County in northwest Florida OKALOOSA
Cruise ship LINER
Culminated ENDED
Cut's partner PASTE
Deride MOCK
Double-curve shape ESS
DVR button REC
Emanates ARISES
Enzyme ending ASE
Exude vitality LOOKALIVE
Fibbing sorts LIARS
Film director Kotcheff TED
French for 'bridge' PONT
French sea MER
Gardner of film AVA
Gunpowder or firework LOWEXPLOSIVE
Hive buzzer BEE
Hot tub site SPA
Inferior newspaper RAG
Inflexibility STEELINESS
Infuriation IRE
Clues Answers
Infuse with gas AERATE
It vibrates in the direction of its propagation LONGITUDINALWAVE
Italian author Umberto ECO
Jet-set jets, once SSTS
JFK's successor LBJ
Job to do TASK
Jr.'s jr III
Just to be sure INCASE
Kin of bingo LOTTO
Le Pew of cartoons PEPE
Least warm COLDEST
Like traditional keyboards QWERTY
Liquid petrolatum MINERALOIL
Mack vehicle TRUCK
Make out SEE
Mass. hours EST
Meryl Streep's alma mater VASSAR
Municipality CITY
Neuters SPAYS
New player ROOKIE
Noisy owl HOOTER
Nominal promotion of a military officer BREVET
Not spicy MILD
Not too much ALITTLE
Novelist Brown DAN
Organized whole, in psychology GESTALT
Paving goo TAR
Picked by 70-Across ELECTED
Plane's path AIRLANE
Playwright Eve ENSLER
Poet Sidney LANIER
Points where rays meet FOCI
PR concern IMAGE
Prior to, in sonnets ERE
Pro -- TEM
Proofer's 'keep this in' STET
R-W hookup STUV
Regard DEEM
Requiring no cord WIRELESS
Rips to bits TEARSUP
Self-confidence APLOMB
Sgt.'s underling PVT
Sharp barks YIPS
She's a Brit. royal ELIZ
Shylock's offering LOAN
Since, slangily CUZ
Singer Redding OTIS
Sitting atop LYINGABOVE
Songsmith Berlin IRVING
Spanish pot OLLA
Split again REDIVIDE
Starts seeing things out of balance LOSESPERSPECTIVE
Stick with it PERSIST
Suffix with pent- ANE
Tall and thin LANK
Tax-deferred svgs. plans IRAS
Thrash about FLAIL
Totally wrong ALLWET
Toupees, e.g WIGS
Train puller LOCOMOTIVE
Trap post-blizzard ICEIN
Trumpet part VALVE
Vietnamese holiday TET
Voting slip BALLOT
Wife of Cronus RHEA
With severity STERNLY
Yellow avenue in Monopoly VENTNOR