Wall Street Journal - Oct 7 2011 - October 7, 2011 - Capital Restructuring

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Clues Answers
#3 on Rolling Stone's list of '500 Greatest Songs of All Time' IMAGINE
'All hope abandon, ye who enter here' writer DANTE
'Heaven's ___ vault, studded with stars...': Shelley EBON
'Ignore that correction' STET
'Rigoletto' aria CARONOME
'So that's your game!' OHO
'You know you want to!' CMON
1945 battle site, for short IWO
2009 Grammy winner for Best New Artist ADELE
Abbr. on a cheque LTD
Absorbed the cost of ATE
Abuse verbally REVILE
Assigns to a different key, as a computer function REMAPS
Authoritative sort ARBITER
BATON ROUGE prepares an unusual pork cut BOARTONGUE
Be venturesome DARE
Believer's suffix IST
Board for Botticelli PALETTE
Boston Garden legend ORR
Boudoir attire TEDDY
Boxer, for one BREED
Brick's cousin WINERED
Bump big-time RAM
By-the-hole golf contest SKINS
Calf spot LEG
Camcorder button REC
Canoe or caravel CRAFT
CARSON CITY produces boxes for shipping frozen goods ICYCARTONS
Celebrity chef Batali MARIO
Certificate features SEALS
Charcuterie wares MEAT
CHARLESTON honors a graduate of an online college NETSCHOLAR
Clan symbols TOTEMS
Clearasil target PORES
Coca-Cola brand FANTA
Columbus's home OHIO
Combat boot features LACES
Come along ARRIVE
Connoisseur FANCIER
Container for spectacles? ARENA
Creative story LIE
Curtain rod decoration FINIAL
Delights SENDS
Didn't share HOGGED
Discharge EMIT
Drier than doux DEMISEC
Easy exchange CHAT
Entrance WAYIN
Exchange areas PITS
Father of Pom, Flora, Alexander and Isabelle BABAR
Fielding stat ERRORS
Flash producer ADOBE
Foot bones TARSI
For the wife HERS
Former New York Giants coach Sherman ALLIE
From here ___ ONIN
Give an impression of being SEEM
Hasn't got NEEDS
Heeds the dentist FLOSSES
Hit soul album of 1986 ARETHA
Hot stock BROTH
INDIANAPOLIS manufactures parquet-style instruments INLAIDPIANOS
Isn't fixed VARIES
It was founded by Thos. Jefferson UVA
It's left to the crew APORT
Jellied dishes ASPICS
Jest KID
Jet stream heading EAST
Clues Answers
Kept in sight, in a way TAILED
Kid with crayons COLORER
Last name of a trio of singing brothers JONAS
Level served by a lift STOREY
LITTLE ROCK offers a bundle for raffle organizers TICKETROLL
Lucid SANE
Manipulative sort USER
Mannheim mister HERR
Miso ingredient SOYBEAN
MONTGOMERY celebrates a single scene from a slasher film GORYMOMENT
MONTPELIER erects a shrine to Vulcan IRONTEMPLE
Moussaka ingredient LAMB
Moves ponderously LUMBERS
Muscle Beach displays BODS
Nation whose flag features a thunder dragon BHUTAN
Naysaying OPPOSED
No-fly zone org NATO
Not yet filled OPEN
Notable Virginia family LEES
Nothing for Nadal LOVE
OKLAHOMA CITY suffers a disaster in a fishing contest HOOKCALAMITY
Old shoe polish brand SHINOLA
Oldman's 'JFK' role OSWALD
One living life in order? FRIAR
One way to serve chicken ALAKING
Panning waste GRAVEL
Perp's patterns, briefly MOS
Phony SHAM
Poetic praise ODE
Prepares GETSSET
Printer problem JAM
Producer of a 64-Across LION
Racing circuit LAP
Reacts to a hammered thumb SWEARS
Real, though not necessarily legal DEFACTO
Relentlessly EVER
Remembrance Day symbols POPPIES
Royal protectors YEOMEN
Sandwiches in lunchboxes OREOS
Sarcastic challenge SUEME
Sax object REED
Seller of Expedit desks IKEA
Service stint HITCH
Sets aside WAIVES
Shop alternative HOMEEC
Sleet-on-the-roof sound RATATAT
Soften MELT
Sound from a 98-Across ROAR
Source of ambiguous answers ORACLE
Souvenirs MEMENTOS
Spread apart SPLAYED
Stock holders COWPENS
Stone or Ivory DIRECTOR
Stop on the way INN
Tailor's concern FIT
Tenth inning cause TIE
The Trans-Mongolian Railway crosses it GOBI
They deal with decks TARS
They give us bills for their work SENATORS
Title for un professeur MAITRE
Took a round trip ORBITED
Training videos HOWTOS
Venus flytrap habitat BOG
Virtuosi ADEPTS
Whiskey order NEAT
Without exception ALL
___ vivos (trust type) INTER