The Washington Post - Oct 2 2011

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Clues Answers
'Can't help ya' IGOTNOTHIN
'Gimme a break!' JEEZ
'Lilies of the Field' group NUNS
'That'll never work!' AREYOUNUTS
Acting independently UNLED
Adjective on a taqueria menu ASADA
And all that jazz: Abbr ETC
Back tracks BSIDES
Bit of frippery FRILL
Brand with a Stainguard line SPEEDSTICK
Charity event, often TENK
Chase with a baseball bat UTLEY
City bond, for short MUNI
Comic Daniel TOSH
Defensive player's assignment ZONE
Each Whitsunday, say ANNUALLY
Flap staples BIOS
For all grades ELHI
Game show that featured physical challenges DOUBLEDARE
Gets home by plane, maybe JETSIN
Hemi stats RPMS
Home of the Detroit Tigers' minor-league affiliate SeaWolves ERIE
Incredible hunk? BABEMAGNET
Indignant reaction RISE
It's in your head EYE
Items often kept under wraps PRESENTS
Lab alert BARK
Media docena SEIS
Melba piece ARIA
Multitude BEVY
Name on a Boston landmark PRUDENTIAL
Noted Vesuvius observer PLINY
Old tape type BETA
Omega-3 source TUNA
Clues Answers
Out of one's head AMOK
Q7 and R8, e.g AUDIS
Quick click DIT
Rub together GNASH
Rx item MED
S, to N OPP
Salon treatment, for short MANI
Sash title MISS
Scarpetta of whodunits KAY
Sea breeze alternatives APPLETINIS
Secretary, e.g DESK
Semicolon part DOT
Shot in 3-D, perhaps REMADE
Show that opens with the number 'Reel Around the Sun' RIVERDANCE
Skipper's syllable TRA
Soft touch DUPE
Stonestreet of 'Modern Family' ERIC
Strange ALIEN
Targets of some congressional watchdog groups JUNKETS
Team whose mascot is an elephant named Stomper OAKLANDAS
The Stones' Jones BRIAN
Their canon includes 'The Pearl of Great Price' MORMONS
They may be wiggled into SKINNYJEANS
Thick starter MINESTRONE
Tiger dumper ELIN
Tropical winds TRADES
Unpleasantly soggy DANK
Vector around the equator TSETSEFLY
What some rescuers search for SIGNSOFLIFE
Word selection ARIAL
Word with water or bed TABLE
Yellow digestif served in chilled ceramic cups LIMONCELLO
Zsa Zsa Gabor's real first name SARI