Jonesin Crosswords - Sep 27 2011

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Clues Answers
"Chaplin" actress ___ Kelly MOIRA
"Stop," to a pirate AVAST
"The King and I" setting SIAM
"Unbelievable!" noise GASP
"What ___ is there?" ELSE
"Young Frankenstein" role IGOR
"___ Life" (Peter Mayle book) ADOGS
ACME patron ___ E. Coyote WILE
Appliances that used to blink 12:00 when broken VCRS
Art Deco artist ERTE
Automobile brand that lasted 107 years, for short OLDS
Be a gourmand EAT
Box office purchase, for short TKT
Brain scan, for short EEG
By means of VIA
Cartoon detective with a trench coat INSPECTORGADGET
Charles I and Mary II, e.g STUARTS
Chihuahua with the last name Hoek REN
Chopin exercise ETUDE
Conference opener TELE
Continued in one direction, like the stock market TRENDED
Cream of the crop ELITE
Cupid's Greek counterpart EROS
Day planner abbr TUE
Drummer Ulrich LARS
Exclamation from The Beaver GEE
Fancy WHIM
Fix text EDIT
Free (of) RID
Go for blood? DRAW
Greeted, in a way WAVEDTO
How legal documents are usually signed ININK
How some YouTube videos go VIRAL
In a bygone time AGO
Inc., overseas LTD
It's abbreviated with two letters STATE
James Bond's alma mater ETON
John of "Gandhi" and "Arthur" GIELGUD
Clues Answers
Letter after theta IOTA
Letters on the farm EIEIO
LeVar, on "Star Trek: The Next Generation" GEORDI
Little kid's words after finishing a meal ALLGONE
Machu Picchu culture INCA
Mail-in offer REBATE
Makes a quick getaway FLEES
Masseuse's stuff OIL
MIT grad, often ENGR
Not so hot TEPID
Not very wordy TERSE
Number on the right side of a clock III
One-named author of 1867's "Under Two Flags" OUIDA
Penguin or Star NHLER
Prevent DETER
Rapper who "Loves Coco" in an E! reality series ICET
Rascal IMP
Rep.'s counterpart DEM
Right angle-shaped pipe ELL
Separate, like gold and dirt SIFTOUT
She portrayed Frida SALMA
Smelted stuff ORE
Soccer player Hope on "Dancing With the Stars" SOLO
Some Greek islanders CRETANS
Spam, most often ADS
Spending proposal, often INCREASEDBUDGET
Stop by VISIT
Style VEIN
System that came with black joysticks ATARI
Team from D.C NATS
Victoria's Secret item BRA
Way out of reach FAR
What a paranoid person may feel they have on their back INVISIBLETARGET
Whiskey ___ (L.A. club) AGOGO
Word that may be bid ADIEU
Workplace watchdog: abbr OSHA
___ retentive ANAL