Universal - Apr 9 2004

Clues Answers
"Bull Durham" screenwriter RONSHELTON
"Fiddler on the Roof" actor TOPOL
"Humbug!" BAH
"I didn't mean to say that!" OOPS
Actor Cariou LEN
Antipasto ingredient OLIVE
Attitude of the moment MOOD
Baldwin in "The Marrying Man" ALEC
Bustle TODO
Caustic solution LYE
Compound in fireworks NITER
Cranny partner NOOK
Curved doorway ARCH
Direction from Chicago-to-Houston SSW
Discovery made by a spot check? MEASLES
Dominate, in sports talk OWN
Early morning pick-me-up, for some JAVA
Feathery scarf BOA
Financial predicament HOLE
Gave a shove PUSHED
Gets entangled SNAGS
Give out EMIT
Grapevine item RUMOR
Greek's seventh ETA
Horror writer's initials EAP
Ill-tempered goddess ERIS
Legendary Fitzgerald ELLA
Light of goodness HALO
Like most sports telecasts LIVE
Loose-fitting jacket BANYAN
Luxurious sheet material SATIN
Make a finer point SHARPEN
Make like a beaver GNAW
Manages to escape ELUDES
Maryland's bird ORIOLE
Mean monsters OGRES
Michelangelo work PIETA
Modern fish finder SONAR
Clues Answers
Muhammad's god ALLAH
Not real BOGUS
Occurred to (with "on") DAWNED
Off-the-script comment ADLIB
Org. for women since the 1850s YWCA
Ozzie or Ricky NELSON
Parks and Bonheur ROSAS
Part 1 of a lethal pun TOKILLACIRCUS
Part 2 of the pun INONEBLOW
Part 3 of the pun YOUMUSTGO
Part 4 of the pun FORTHEJUGGLER
Place west of Nod EDEN
Preserves, as meat CURES
Recipient of breathless screams IDOL
Requested the presence of SENTFOR
Royal Indian RANI
Savings counterpart LOAN
Sicilian high-rise? ETNA
Sink downward SAG
Some sibs BROS
Source of downloadable tunes NAPSTER
Spanish seafood concoction PAELLA
Star in Paris ETOILE
Still life fruits PEARS
Tear to shreds REND
Thai's neighbor LAO
The Simpsons' neighbor Flanders NED
True statement ACTUALFACT
Underfolded edge HEM
Unit of capacitance FARAD
Verdugo of "The Big Sombrero" ELENA
Walk alternative RIDE
Word with handed or tempered EVEN
___ 'acte ENTR
___ mode ALA
___ Paese (cheese) BEL
___-Locka, Fla. OPA