Irish Times (Simplex) - Sep 16 2011

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Clues Answers
A quick look GLANCE
All the components WHOLE
Amount remaining after all deductions NET
Artificial jet of water FOUNTAIN
Believes to be guilty but without proof SUSPECTS
Caused to go in the wrong direction LEDASTRAY
Chess piece and grand house CASTLE
Creates, erects BUILDS
Curious, odd PECULIAR
Divided Mediterranean island CYPRUS
Female offspring DAUGHTERS
Fond of the company of others SOCIABLE
General physical examinations CHECKUPS
Guard around a fireplace FENDER
If you're on it, you're on your own TOD
Listlessness, lethargy LASSITUDE
Made shiny and smooth POLISHED
Midday meal LUNCH
Clues Answers
Occurrence, happening EVENT
Over and above what's needed EXCESS
Partially melted snow SLUSH
Paths of the planets ORBITS
Place bets GAMBLE
Poked in the ribs to get attention NUDGED
Quagmire MORASS
Reverie DREAM
Rice cooked in well-seasoned broth PILAU
Small round container TUB
Stress, accentuation EMPHASIS
Takes as one's own ADOPTS
The more of it, the less speed HASTE
The time between day and night TWILIGHT
Turkish title and metal stove AGA
Twisted mass TANGLE
Wrong, immoral UNETHICAL
Yellowish brown colour KHAKI