New York Times - Apr 6 2004

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Clues Answers
'Le ___ Prince' PETIT
'Look ___ Talking' WHOS
'No seats left' sign SRO
1986 Prince movie, after 29-Down THECHERRYMOON
Beach bird TERN
Big stinger WASP
Business sign, after 29-Down NEWMANAGEMENT
By night, with 29-Down COVEROFDARKNESS
Calendar box DAY
Call in a bakery NEXT
Captain of fiction NEMO
Classic Olivier role HAMLET
Cleopatra's paramour ANTONY
Costa ___ RICA
Cry from a butterfingers OOPS
Dance at 23-Down HUSTLE
Dig (into) DELVE
Exist ARE
Fight down and dirty RASSLE
Food in a shell OYSTER
Former Ford minivan AEROSTAR
Growths that may be removed by surgery POLYPS
Has, as a party HOSTS
Hydrocarbon suffixes ANES
In the end AFTERALL
Initial stake ANTE
Laundry challenge for a gymgoer SWEATSTAIN
Letter carriers' org. USPS
Like good gossip columns DISHY
Map miniatures INSETS
Martin or McQueen STEVE
Minnesota Twin, e.g., briefly ALER
Movie for which Jane Fonda won an Oscar KLUTE
Not at home AWAY
Not dis, in Brooklyn DAT
Opera solo ARIA
Opponent's vote NAY
Clues Answers
Orangeish shade OCHER
Org. whose approval is much sought FDA
Oscar winner Sorvino MIRA
Overexerciser's woe ACHE
Pallid WAN
Place to hear a 13-Across, with 'the' MET
Popular vodka, informally STOLI
Posed SAT
Preceding nights EVES
Prefix with color or cycle TRI
Prefix with logical IDEO
Prefix with plasm ECTO
Respite LULL
Rightmost column ONES
Rodeo performer ROPER
See 20-, 36- and 48-Across UNDER
Set-to STIR
Silvery food fish SMELT
Singer K. T. ___ OSLIN
Slangy send-off LATER
Smallest LEAST
Snack NOSH
Some old computers ATARIS
Studio 54 and Xenon, famously DISCOS
Suffix with young or old STER
Sun. talk SER
Taking care of business ONIT
Tennis's Arthur ASHE
The O in FeO OXIDE
Thesaurus feature: Abbr. SYN
Type in ENTER
U.S. Pacific island GUAM
Walkway PATH
Year 'The Graduate' came out, in short SIXTYSEVEN
___ Puente, the Mambo King TITO