- Sep 13 2011

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Clues Answers
''I beg your pardon?'' WHAT
''Just a moment!'' ONESEC
''That's incredible!'' OHWOW
''__ of Two Cities'' ATALE
12-year-old TWEEN
2500, in old Rome MMD
A Great Lake ERIE
Acceptable OKAY
Add to the payroll HIRE
Affirmative votes YESES
Allowed by law LEGAL
Bank statement ID ACCT
Barbecue orders RIBS
Beer barrel KEG
Bricklayer MASON
Budget illustration PIECHART
Carryall bag TOTE
Castaway's home ISLE
Clever people WITS
Conductor's stick BATON
Entice LURE
Evil spell HEX
Ewe's offspring LAMB
Fireplace residue ASH
Fireplace throw-ins LOGS
First claim, informally DIBS
Flag maker Ross BETSY
Folklore monster OGRE
Generous one DONOR
Golf pegs TEES
Guys MEN
Haul to the garage TOW
Historical periods ERAS
Home: Abbr RES
Honey maker BEE
Horse's sound NEIGH
Clues Answers
Hush-hush SECRET
Inflict upon DOTO
Interstate service-center feature RESTROOM
Laundry appliance IRON
Like sugar SWEET
Marshy area BOG
More than damp WET
Not as good WORSE
Oohs and __ AAHS
Opera solo ARIA
Poor, as an excuse LAME
Prayer ender AMEN
Put up a fight RESIST
Rabbit relatives HARES
Racetrack stats ODDS
Raise one's glass to TOAST
Ready to go SET
Remains STAYS
Salon goop GEL
Sandwich shop DELI
Sheriff's star BADGE
Shredded cabbage dish SLAW
Snow coaster SLED
Something added EXTRA
Sound boosters AMPS
Spoken ORAL
State of confusion DISORDER
Stop up CLOG
Student's no-homework excuse THEDOGATEIT
Student's no-homework excuse MYCOMPUTERBROKE
Student's no-homework excuse ILOSTMYBOOK
Suspect's story ALIBI
Taboo thing NONO
Takes a picture of SHOOTS
Touches down LANDS
Trade show, for short EXPO
Tuna-salad ingredient MAYO
Ultra-manly MACHO
Wear away ERODE