L.A. Times Daily - Sep 11 2011

Clues Answers
"... a Loaf of Bread ..." poet OMAR
"An Inconvenient Woman" author Dominick DUNNE
"Look! Ghosts!"? LOSPIRITS
"My word!" ISAY
"On the Beach" novelist Shute NEVIL
"Pauses are normal" adage? TOERISHUMAN
"Roots" Emmy winner EDASNER
"The Red" guy ERIC
"Whose radiant eyes your __ brows adorn": Dryden EBON
17-Down's org NHL
1959 Fiestas hit SOFINE
49-Across's Bobby et al ORRS
Adrift, perhaps ATSEA
Ambush, perhaps SETAT
Approvals, in 105-Down YAHS
At exhilarating times? INTHEWHEEHOURS
At risk of capsizing TIPPY
Baa maids? EWES
Biol., e.g SCI
Bottle size LITER
Bottom-row key ALT
Bun, for one UPDO
Bygone cutter SNEE
Capital near Lake Volta ACCRA
Cereal brand TOTAL
Chest protectors STERNUMS
Church holding TENET
City on the Elbe DRESDEN
Coda relative EPILOGUE
Combine MELD
Complaint about a weak morning cup? COFFEEBAH
Conductor __-Pekka Salonen ESA
Countrified RURAL
Creator of Auric and Julius IAN
Culture medium AGAR
Dame intro? NOTRE
David, to some scholars PSALMIST
Diagnostic school exam PRETEST
Disney's "__ and the Detectives" EMIL
Doctor's order PILL
Dorm bosses, briefly RAS
Double's doing STUNT
Drinks for Radar NEHIS
Exams during which students can talk ORALS
Firefighter Red ADAIR
First printing, say EDITION
Frat for complainers? FIEBETAKAPPA
Gainesville gridder GATOR
Give out DIE
Got off the chair AROSE
Helper: Abbr ASST
Hook or Cook: Abbr CAPT
Important stars SUNS
Inception ONSET
Incites to attack SICS
Indy additive STP
Inscribed monument STELE
Islands to which canaries are native AZORES
It's heard in Isr HEB
Italian wine area ASTI
Jared of "Mr. Nobody" LETO
Jazzy Vaughan SARAH
Kicked up, as a fuss PROVOKED
Letter-bottom letters SASE
Like kittens and puppies? AWINSPIRING
Like most mules STERILE
Clues Answers
Like some tea ICED
Low tide revelations MUDFLATS
Makes faint DIMS
Minimum LEAST
Minx-like VAMPISH
Much street talk SLANG
Natural to a region ENDEMIC
Neeson of "Schindler's List" LIAM
Nonresident doctors EXTERNS
Novelist Deighton LEN
Old Bruin nickname ESPO
One following dogs SLED
One skilled at expressing relief? MANOFPHEWWORDS
One with net gains? SEINER
Ones who swear in court DEPOSERS
Pants you can't wear GASPS
Part of a seder MEAL
Part of USA: Abbr AMER
Petty of "A League of Their Own" LORI
Place to see a sched STA
Plastering strip LATH
Poems whose structure is based on the number six SESTINAS
Point a finger at RATON
Poor, as an excuse LAME
Pottery worker, on occasion ENAMELER
Prepare to fire COCK
Public role PERSONA
Red Muppet ELMO
Resell quickly FLIP
Restaurateur Toots SHOR
Retired flier SST
Road across Penn TPKE
Rob of "Parks and Recreation" LOWE
Rub the wrong away ERASE
Sea brass ADMIRALS
Senior member DEAN
Shop in airport stores, say KILLTIME
Shoulder troublemaker? CHIP
Show saver TIVO
Side with FAVOR
Sierra __: African republic LEONE
Singer Kristofferson KRIS
Some ranges GES
Some tech sch. grads EES
Son of Abraham ISAAC
Spill clumsily SLOSH
Sq. mi., e.g MEAS
Subject of an annual Ottawa festival TULIPS
Swimming pool concern ALGAE
Tent part FLAP
The lady's HERS
They may be last RITES
Times when Cognac heats up? ETES
Tropical starch sources TAROS
Turn in place SWIVEL
Turning point AXIS
Twisted look SNEER
Unfriendly store owner? SHOOMERCHANT
Union exchanges IDOS
University of Cincinnati player BEARCAT
Vegas alternative RENO
Venom BILE
Whistle blower REF
White water? SNOW
Word in some carriers' names AIRWAYS
Worshiper of the rain god Tlaloc AZTEC
__ muffin STUD
__' Pea SWEE
__-80: old computer TRS