- Sep 9 2011

Clues Answers
''. . . Giant Peach'' creator DAHL
''Amscray!'' GIT
''Annie Hall'' Oscar winner KEATON
''Cheerio!'' TATA
''I hate it!'' UGH
15 Across judge TYLER
Abundant AMPLE
Alias introducer AKA
Animation LIFE
Attorney impersonator? LEGALPRETENDER
Await judgment PEND
Bad mark DEE
Be off-guard NAP
Betrayed nervousness PACED
Big name in fashion KARAN
Bond type, for short MUNI
Camel kin LLAMA
Capture, so to speak LAND
Clarinet cousin OBOE
Cool it STOP
Cubmaster's title AKELA
Discovery Channel game-show setting TAXI
Emergency vehicle COPTER
End, with ''up'' WIND
Escape from EVADE
Farm team OXEN
File handler CLERK
Fuji flow LAVA
Full of energy ZIPPY
Game of chukkers POLO
Half a figure eight ESS
Hard to discern TINY
Hits with a billion volts ZAPS
Hot spot OVEN
Ins. seller AGT
Intrinsically PERSE
Introduce a tune? PREFACETHEMUSIC
Inventor/artist MORSE
Italian cuisine staple SQUID
Clues Answers
Job opening SLOT
Just slightly AMITE
List ender ETAL
Lloyd Webber score EVITA
Loves to bits ADORES
Low point NADIR
Major figure GIANT
Make a present of DONATE
Move a bit STIR
On edge TENSE
One of the bears MAMA
Openwork fabric LACE
Persian Gulf nation QATAR
Place for a plug EAR
Polished prose EDITED
Reality show, familiarly IDOL
Religious TV program? THEPRELATESHOW
River near Stonehenge AVON
Sell aggressively FLOG
Spinach-pie ingredient FETA
Squeeze (out) EKE
Steadfast policy STAND
Strong cleaner LYE
Tackle-box item SCALER
Tease RIDE
The least bit of concern HOOT
Tip politely DOFF
Top brass EXECS
Top of the world POLE
Transport HAUL
Twangy NASAL
Unavailable at the moment INUSE
Up to it ABLE
USN officer ENS
Wing-tip tip TOE
Wise words MAXIMS