- Sep 8 2011

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Clues Answers
''1776'' protagonist ADAMS
''Duck Soup'' surname MARX
''Fine'' predicament MESS
''Horton Hears __!'' AWHO
''It wasn't me!'' NOTI
''No more seats'' situation SELLOUT
''You got that right!'' TRUE
Anacin alternative BAYER
Angler's tool SCALER
Approvals YESES
Ballerina outfit TUTU
Baseball pitch CHANGEUP
Basic cable network TBS
Beehive State UTAH
Big Apple addr NYNY
British pop singer ADELE
Carrier of 50 Down ELAL
Cause of some star wars EGO
CBS forensic franchise CSI
Clichéd BANAL
Collapses, with ''in'' CAVES
Conversation filler ISEE
Debussy's sea MER
Deceives LIESTO
Decorates ADORNS
Destruction RUIN
Director Kazan ELIA
Don't listen to DISOBEY
Feel awful about RUE
Fictional whaler AHAB
Former atlas abbr SSR
Former sunscreen ingredient PABA
Gen. Patton alma mater USMA
Hershey rival MARS
Hex- halved TRI
High hair style UPDO
Hosp. areas ORS
In some respects OFSORTS
Clues Answers
Inverness native SCOT
Irked, with ''off'' TEED
It may be blessed EVENT
Midwestern Indians OSAGES
Nation since 1948 ISRAEL
Nightclub CABARET
Old oath EGAD
Pago Pago locale SAMOA
Paleontology specimen FOSSIL
Pamplona runners TOROS
Par for the course NORM
Part of Q&A QUES
Passing through VIA
Pew area NAVE
Pickled veggie BEET
Poled vehicle RAFT
Pound sounds YIPS
Public spat SCENE
Puzzle with pictures REBUS
Recital performance SOLO
Ritzy residence ESTATE
Row your boat OAR
S&L amenity ATM
Shade changers DYES
Singer Morissette ALANIS
Some circus stars ACROBATS
Start of Caesar's boast VENI
Take out REMOVE
Travel before takeoff TAXI
Typical Kuwaiti ARAB
Web-address starter HTTP
Woody Guthrie's son ARLO
Word wailed in woe ALAS