- Sep 5 2011

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Clues Answers
''Baloney!'' MYEYE
''That's the truth!'' NOLIE
Allows minor infractions RELAXESTHERULES
Bring in the harvest REAP
Brit's exclamation ISAY
Capital of Switzerland BERNE
Capital of Vietnam HANOI
Close forcefully SLAM
College teacher: Abbr PROF
Cowpoke's rope LARIAT
Creative thoughts IDEAS
Dairy-farm sound MOO
Dampen again REWET
Devious plan SCHEME
Does something dangerous PLAYSWITHFIRE
Egg-shaped OVAL
English noble EARL
Ensnare TRAP
Entrance hall FOYER
Fall behind LAG
Family MDs GPS
Fax forerunner TELEX
Fishing rod POLE
Flat-topped elevation MESA
Following behind AFTER
Got a look at SAW
Gun, as an engine REV
Hair ringlet CURL
Ham sandwich specification ONRYE
Have in inventory STOCK
Health resort SPA
Herb in pesto sauce BASIL
Identical SAME
In that case IFSO
Journey TRIP
Late-night emcee LENO
Like many college dorms COED
Make holy BLESS
Medical-insurance co HMO
Clues Answers
Military-medal recipient HERO
Moisturizer ingredient ALOE
Nevada/California lake TAHOE
Nuisances PESTS
Opera solo ARIA
Out of whack AWRY
Pencil end ERASER
Phone button abbr OPER
Playful bite NIP
Point opposite WNW ESE
Portions of corn EARS
Pretentious ARTSY
Rebellion REVOLT
Regions AREAS
Says grace PRAYS
Seagoing fighting force NAVY
Secret writing CODE
Self-images EGOS
Skeptic's demand SHOWME
Snakelike swimmer EEL
Snickering syllable HEH
Snow-removing tool SHOVEL
Social no-no TABOO
Soil-turning implement PLOW
Soothing ointment SALVE
Sprout again REGROW
Synagogue leader RABBI
Takes back something said EATSONESWORDS
Taxi CAB
Teen's wall hanging POSTER
Tehran's land IRAN
That lady SHE
The ones there THOSE
Warm greeting KISS
Woodwind instruments OBOES
Worry FRET
__ and hearty (healthy) HALE
__ close to schedule ONOR
__ de Janeiro RIO