New York Times - Mar 14 2004

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Clues Answers
#1 Danny & the Juniors hit ATTHEHOP
'... ___ shall die' ORI
'Come ___!' OFFIT
'David Copperfield' wife DORA
'Hansel and Gretel' setting COTTAGE
'Honest' one ABE
'Hurry up!' STEPONIT
'In Memoriam,' e.g. ELEGY
'The Thin Man' role NORA
'Treasure Island' pirate Ben ___ GUNN
12-note series TONEROW
1970's sitcom ARNIE
2003 Indy winner ___ de Ferran GIL
Acct. figures AMTS
Actor Ryan or Ron ONEAL
All-___ Team NBA
American standard OLDGLORY
Anatomical ridges BROWS
Animal home ZOO
Be born with POSSESS
Biff ___, Arthur Miller character LOMAN
Big race sponsor STP
Boat builder NOAH
Boxing referee's other job? RINGMASTER
Break, of a sort SIESTA
Broad neck scarf ASCOT
Bygone blades SNEES
Caesar, for Gaius Julius Caesar COGNOMEN
Carole King's '___ Too Late' ITS
Causes to go BETAKES
Chem. units MOLS
Cheri formerly of 'S.N.L.' OTERI
Chow chow chow ALPO
Classified times: Abbr. AMS
Coast Guard concern SOS
Common street name ELM
Cure-___ (panaceas) ALLS
Decathlon equipment DISCUS
Deer, e.g. FORAGERS
Diet doctor's other job? MIDDLEMANAGER
Do drudgery MOIL
Drill instructor's other job? DENTISTRYPROFESSOR
Drink with a straw FLOAT
Eponymous candy manufacturer Harry REESE
Ex ___ (from nothing) NIHILO
Expecting PREGNANT
Famous 50-oared ship ARGO
Famous language-signing gorilla KOKO
Fig. in car ads APR
File clerk's other job? RECORDPRODUCER
Film's 'three caballeros,' e.g. AMIGOS
Florida city OCALA
Forebear of one of the 12 tribes of Israel DAN
Garbage SWILL
Gift tag word FROM
Global: Abbr. INTL
Grocery MART
Grouse BEEF
Guitarist Nugent TED
Hardly a crooner BELTER
Hockey's Mikita STAN
Holds a pose FREEZES
Homebody LONER
Hull enclosure OAT
Humorist Bombeck ERMA
Implored URGED
In a bit ANON
In full sail ASEA
Inquisitive NOSY
Isn't straight in the middle SAGS
It may be dripping SARCASM
James who wrote 'The Morning Watch' AGEE
Jar sizes: Abbr. PTS
Joanna of 'Growing Pains' KERNS
Jockey's other job? PHOTOFINISHER
Jupiter, e.g. DEUS
Klutzy INEPT
Letter enclosures: Abbr. SASES
Letter-shaped fastener TNUT
Light PALE
Like a line, in math ONED
Like some dollars on currency exch. boards CDN
Clues Answers
Liquid Plumr rival DRANO
Little bird TIT
Locale in a Beatles song USSR
Make a selection OPT
Measuring stick RULE
Mellow, in a way AGE
Messenger ___ RNA
Meticulously INDETAIL
Military adviser's other job? GENERALCOUNSEL
Ming thing URN
Nearby star SOL
Needlework? TATTOO
New Jersey home of Walt Whitman CAMDEN
Newsman Roger MUDD
Not post- PRE
Occasional soap opera plot feature AMNESIA
Old nuclear regulatory org. AEC
Old Roman road ITER
Orders come from it MENU
Overly decorous sorts PRIGS
Panacea's targets ILLS
Part of many cages RIB
Piece of bling-bling GOLDCHAIN
Prefix with trash EURO
Psychiatrist's other job? BAGGAGEHANDLER
Puppy's sound YAP
QB's throw them TDS
Quirk TIC
Quiz show sounds DINGS
Raiding grp. ATF
Rap's ___ Kim LIL
Relay part LEG
Remains DREGS
Ross of fame BETSY
Safari guide's other job? HEADHUNTER
Scand. land NOR
Scratch or dent MAR
Sean ___ Lennon ONO
Sequel writer's other job? SECONDSTORYMAN
Sharp-tongued 'American Idol' judge SIMON
Shipping units SHORTTONS
Singer LeAnn RIMES
Slaughterhouse ABATTOIR
So that one could INORDERTO
Some cobras ASPS
Some hippie wear TIEDYES
Something to serve TERM
Specialists PROS
Spicy stew OLLA
Spore source FERN
Standoffish ICY
Steady BEAU
Steps in Havana MAMBO
Stick in one's craw IRK
Stick in the wrong place MISSORT
Stingy person NIGGARD
Stop at a vineyard CORK
Suitable to be ridden, as a horse BROKEN
Take action against SUE
Take to the cleaners SOAK
Telecom executive's other job? LONGDISTANCERUNNER
Ticket word ADMIT
Tip-top PRIMO
Tips off ALERTS
Top-rated TV show of 2002-3 CSI
Wants for a price ASKS
Wartime positions CENSORS
What supers supervise: Abbr. APTS
Wheat covering AWN
When 'Route 66' was on: Abbr. FRI
When repeated, show disdain TUT
Who ran Iran, once SHAH
Worker with a dog NARC
Zipped through ACED
___ belle TRES
___ favor POR
___ instant INAN
___ Pedro SAN