Irish Times (Crosaire) - Jan 21 2010

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Clues Answers
1/1100, in a greasy way, perhaps IONIC
A quick turn for 1 down ALIVE
As a rule, going around the Northern Rev. up here GOVERNING
Be firm with your father for the music at last CODA
Doing so well in water SWIMMINGLY
Even a turnover R won't happen NEVER
Fly in a brave way around being deaf, perhaps FEARLESSLY
Got a ring from him but can't ring back if his number is ENGAGED
Got to grips with the fruit inside here GRAPPLED
Has permission to be speaking for the city MAYORAL
How a middleman works? CENTRALLY
I get in for the kings there on ahead TIARA
In short, taint? ISNOT
Live it up? That's all wrong EVIL
Made up one's mind to have died after the start of December DECIDED
O, Mother, hello! So you're in the States? OMAHA
Clues Answers
Of this is in the past or is in you YORE
One buck Reg may get back and may almost fall for it STAGGER
Say it 10 across DENY
Shall cries of anguish have them weeping at the water's edge? WILLOWS
Study this as a matter of course DIETETICS
Taped on string again ONRECORD
That gave heart to our old folk at last ENCOURAGED
That's where one step about fifty may get you PLACE
The calm sty I make divine MYSTICAL
The revolution is putting an end to the fishing TROLLING
The stark daw we made very difficult AWKWARDEST
There may be silver astray there SALVERS
There's a saving in ham PIGGYBANK
This is relevant if one is in a fruity setting APPLIES
This led to it being fallow UNTIL
This will burn; cut off the top and light it LIGNITE