USA Today - Feb 24 2004

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Clues Answers
"Nanook of the North" site IGLOO
"Rag Mop" brothers AMES
"___ Day Will Come" OUR
"___ ol' me?" LIL
1990s political duo DOLES
2 on a par 4 EAGLE
At birth NEE
Basketball champions' "trophy" NET
Bay window ORIEL
Buddy-buddy CLOSE
Cager's target HOOP
Center around REVOLVE
Chance beginning PER
Chipped in chips ANTED
Churchill named it IRONCURTAIN
Clotheshorse's pride LABEL
Colleague of Agatha ERLE
Consider worthwhile VALUE
Cul-de-___ SAC
Cut partner PASTE
Discipline verbally SCOLD
Displaying awe AGAPE
Father of modern rocketry GODDARD
First light of day AURORA
George's former press secretary ARI
Gives a hand to AIDS
Good-hearted KIND
Human or alien BEING
Icicle sites EAVES
Infused with energy LIVENED
Inherited utensil SILVERSPOON
It's measured in degrees ANGLE
Just twiddling one's thumbs IDLE
Keogh relative IRA
Knock down DEMOTE
Lament loudly SOB
Material for a small airplane BALSA
Mature AGE
Measuring instrument GAGE
Clues Answers
Mentions specifically NAMES
Merrill of "Butterfield 8" DINA
Monterrey hooray OLE
Out of the pink? ILL
Perfumer's extract ESSENCE
Permissive LAX
Place for a mud bath SPA
Place to rule ROOST
Play with clay MOLD
Polish off EAT
Prospecting bachelorettes GOLDDIGGERS
Quarterback play SNEAK
Quarto unit PAGE
Shaq role STEEL
Slice of history ERA
Softly, to a composer PIANO
Sotheby's signal NOD
St. ___ (Caribbean island state) LUCIA
Symbolic sinker LEADBALLOON
The boss in "Who's the Boss?" ANGELA
Theta follower IOTA
They "all" have a day SOULS
This guy's a real doll KEN
Throng of people HORDE
Too firm, perhaps UNRIPE
Tropical, for example CLIMATE
Troughs on rockers CRADLES
Undetermined amount SOME
Victim of inflation or deflation EGO
What salt may be used as DEICER
Willowy SLIM
Winery buys CASKS
Wings' measure SPAN
Word with main or mill STREAM
Word with shot or bang BIG
Worthy of attention NOTED
Yankees manager TORRE