Irish Times (Crosaire) - Jan 22 2009

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Clues Answers
A little tea in the theatre with fish STURGEON
As one is making UNIFYING
Begin with the French to surprise one STARTLE
Behead the all-rounder and fired the rest SASH
Called off this when one got caned around the prison room (9) CANCELLED
Currer, Ellis and Acton, all with bells THEBRONTES
Does this get around to having about five hundred and fifty pines? SPINDLE
Fallow, such time as this got a leader UNTILLED
Famous founder for a maiden at sea TITANIC
Furnish, if it's available GETATABLE
Get it back for the prize for the feast REVEL
Get them for the country bumpkin, by the sound of it, for his spasmodic drinks HICCUPS
Held two feet down for punishment or sale THESTOCKS
In them one makes the ways-out as new VENTS
It's not merely suggested that one is in the mail POSITED
Long to be more like this EXTENSION
Clues Answers
Not sincere - just not able to be CANT
Nothing like at this in her HATER
Reckonings for the mokes before one is musical ASSESSINGS
Several feet outside the houses YARDS
So come in for the sound of the prize for initiative ENTER
So very little in a dear little sucker SWEET
Stranded? ATTHESEA
Such as 5 down lost 9 down SHIPWRECKS
Ten heated tinies from South Africa HOTTENTOTS
Terrible how she gets stripes TIGRESS
That's the crest in the tank CISTERN
The Sun has them sound to get one up RAISE
The water goes one foot into this HOSE
This on in form minus LESS
To this extent I'm not all there AMBIT