Irish Times (Crosaire) - Dec 30 2008

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Clues Answers
After 5 A, D. the insect is old enough to give it a more favourable position ADVANTAGE
Being such a sucker, one gets a spar broken with it, I see PARASITIC
C on this might make it narrow in the stern sense STRICT
Can I get round to 20 across with this? EYEBALL
Can you duck this in France, or is that just a rumour? CANARD
Does your hairy pal get confused with an accountant? ALPACA
Fifty round fifty over the fat follower of Wycliffe LOLLARD
Get around to start to cast your vote here BALLOTBOX
How hair turns up with our love ENAMOUR
How most Rs get the wind up STORMS
In fact, this is about one on the same side REALLY
In Ulster this gives the confounded fellows a round start like 6 down BALLYMENA
Indeed the newspapers are gloomy DEPRESSED
It sounds as if they're always praying PREDATORS
It's a bit rough - that sounds more like it GRATER
It's no light matter to get this round in the 6 down BLACKBALL
Clues Answers
Might Robert thread his way around this over the wine there? BOBBIN
Not acceptable for her to get late asbout 1100 HERETICAL
Not an all-rounder RUGBYBALL
Re this, perhaps, one will need this for support BACKER
Sounded rounded, perhaps, and bare on top BAWLED
Sounds as if only one parrot in eight can do what the bees do POLLINATE
That father sheep we have had his loves PARAMOURS
That sounds as if it's got a hole in 16 down ALL
The aged cockney might get the grips with this OLD
The South would have runners to have been in front like this LED
This might be hard work, but one beats it BELABOURS
To all appearance, not so nioce, that is to say, in glue UGLIER
To all appearance, the ruler of the lavatories LOOKING
What a blow to have to get it going to make one a former officer! CORNET
What a blow to have torn this! ADO
You'd be wrong to have cut the head off the fish like this ERRING