Irish Times (Crosaire) - Dec 3 2008

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Clues Answers
A taste of the South is quite enough SAMPLE
And that, one may add, is the death of a priest APPEND
At last removed to finish ENDOFF
Be reached double figures at last and sired BEGOTTEN
By the sound of it, in vain in gods of old ICHOR
ddd, not DDD for the widow WEEDS
Disburse, perhaps, and get your own back PAYONEOUT
Does the little brother possess what's dark in the shade? BROWN
Get god back for the rest NAP
Gets down in the air sort of swiftly SWALLOWS
Handy for making notes KEYBOARD
I am going to - well, not here ILL
If I were in there it would be in the USA OHO
It's all extremely oriental EVERY
It's plain in Spain on everything back there LLANO
Not so many on half a dozen to be learnt LESSONSIX
Now the South is 19 down PRESENTS
Clues Answers
One takes one's time with the heathen IDOLS
Perhaps the play has begun in court ACTION
Perhaps this is what makes them so seedy and sore on foot ACORNS
Perhaps thought to be looked after MINDED
Pull the intestines back for a little vessel TUG
Reckon how silly she is? ASSESS
Sounds as if there's no knowing AGREES
Stop where there's shade like this REDLIGHT
That may see one through Oxford ORIEL
That'll turn round all the same ROTOR
The beast dies all twisted as a result of salts OXIDES
The professor took what you give him, of course DONATE
The skirt lacks a hemline at last CRINOLINE
They work in harness SADDLERS
Times for the people - there's the rub MASSAGES
Very little on on the road for a follower MINION
What a rag to be so rude about the street! DUSTER
With pardon, but just for the present FORGIVING