New York Times - Jan 13 1998

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Clues Answers
'Don't move!' STAY
'Pomp and Circumstance' composer ELGAR
'Sigh!' AHME
'___ Doone' LORNA
'___ we forget...' LEST
Auditors CPAS
Baltic port RIGA
Begin's peace partner SADAT
Birthplace of seven Presidents OHIO
Birthright HERITAGE
Bonheur or Parks ROSA
Brick material CLAY
Call ___ day ITA
Calvin Trillin piece ESSAY
Carnival attraction RIDE
Cassettes TAPES
Cemetery, informally BONEYARD
Certain Ford, for short MERC
City on the Aire LEEDS
Concert halls ODEA
Contemptuous look SNEER
Copied APED
Counting method TENS
Cutting remark BARB
Ear part LOBE
Elephant Boy of 30's film SABU
Entertained REGALED
Frankie who sang 'Moonlight Gambler' LAINE
Gardening tool EDGER
German industrial region RUHR
Growing outward ENATE
Hail, on the briny AHOY
Hiker's spot TRAIL
Hippodrome ARENA
Indicates assent NODS
It may be beaten at a party PINATA
Clues Answers
Jupiter's wife JUNO
Large bell sound BONG
Layered TIERED
Luxurious PLUSH
Midafternoon on a sundial III
NASA satellite launcher AGENA
New Englander YANKEE
Oral Roberts University site TULSA
Org. that defends the Bill of Rights ACLU
Otherwise ELSE
Person with fans IDOL
Physics unit RAD
Pixels DOTS
Prestige STATUS
Propose POSIT
R-rated or higher ADULT
Request sweetener PLEASE
Salad greenery CRESS
Saw-toothed SERRATE
Scat lady ELLA
Setting for the lingo in today's theme CRAPS
Six-Day War leader DAYAN
Spell-off BEE
Sunglasses SHADES
Supervisor BOSS
T, in physics TESLA
Tarzan portrayer ELY
Thomas Moore's land ERIN
Titlark PIPIT
Trick RUSE
Union leader John L. ___ LEWIS
Where the Gobi is ASIA
Writer Bagnold ENID
[.] [.:] LITTLEJOE