Irish Times (Crosaire) - Jul 26 2008

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Clues Answers
20 down must have one to hold the water DAM
A car might blooming well go over such people NATION
A pen-holder? CORRAL
After sundown this comes for a whole day MONDAY
At length one may take them as read, by the sound of them METRES
Beat lightly at last TROUNCE
By the sound of it, joined us to fix a pain in the neck LINCTUS
By the sound of it, let us make them firm COS
By the sound of it, wait to make the car go overseas TONNAGE
Done in this, really DEED
Faith, one will have none of it TRAITOR
Get up behind REAR
Gives the set-up to a sign of agreement DONATES
Hide the real making of this LEATHER
In jury, us? In a way like that, by the sound of it DETRIMENTALLY
It's thought to be this MENTALPROCESS
Last month, or by arrangement DECOR
Let it stand on ahead, 20 down STET
Lumme, on the face of it it's sweet to be so welcoming CORDIAL
Clues Answers
Made in sound like this DAMSEL
Made the whole of it sound dull BORED
Need to be smart bra in this MENTALLYALERT
Not straight away, not known by name ANON
O, that does not go over the pen SHUT
One dog in America equals a hundred in one bear in England POOCH
Open exit? OUTDOOR
Perhaps T-rats had a sudden rise UPSTART
Sally for the target, to a relative extent AUNT
Sat, I see, for this without any trouble at all EASIEST
See 15 across, my boy SON
Sort of nail that can't be driven by hand TALON
Sound die for a nothing at all ANIL
Sounds wet any time now DUE
Sport with Father in mind at base FUNDAMENTALLY
That's unfrozen, see? NOTICE
The type of 13 across one might find in the Irish Times? SETTER
This means means METHOD
Up with the feline about fifty for powder TALC