Wall Street Journal - Feb 13 2004 - February 13, 2004 - Reversals of Fortune

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Clues Answers
'Discreet Music' composer Brian ENO
'Discreet Music' composer Brian ENO
'Fifth Beatle' Sutcliffe STU
'James and the Giant Peach' author DAHL
'James and the Giant Peach' author DAHL
'Loco-Motion' singer Little ___ EVA
'Phooey!' DRAT
'The Wanderer' singer DION
'Viva Zapata!' star BRANDO
'Wheel of Fortune' guess LETTER
'Wheel of Fortune' guess LETTER
'You got me,' nonverbally SHRUG
1979 Ron Leibman series KAZ
2000 role for Julia ERIN
A shot EACH
Abyss near Mount Olympus? GULFOFZEUS
AC amt. BTU
Ad follower HOC
Air, in combinations ATMO
All over ANEW
Anesthetized NUMB
Arabian gazelles ARIELS
Archie's wife EDITH
Argentine prairie PAMPA
Balladeer's accessory LUTE
Barbara Cartland or Agatha Christie DAME
Best-rated fleabag? FIVERATSHOTEL
Bigwig VIP
Bookstore fixtures CAFES
Bozeman Trail opposer REDCLOUD
Capt.'s aide ENS
Cartoon great Peter ARNO
Cast out EXILE
Celebrity FAME
Celerity HASTE
Chevy van ASTRO
Club income FEES
Clytemnestra's daughter ELECTRA
Co. division DEPT
Colleague of Stahl and Kroft SAFER
Cowboy cries WAHOOS
Debunked? AROSE
Decline PASSUP
Descriptor for Ethelred UNREADY
Down the gangplank ASHORE
Ebert's cohort ROEPER
Economics Nobelist William SHARPE
Elusive SCARCE
Emmy-winning comedy of 1979-1981 TAXI
Ferrara family ESTE
Field guides? REFS
Florida State player SEMINOLE
Food critics, often EPICURES
Force unit DYNE
Foundering call SOS
Free-throw area KEY
Germany's Graf ___ SPEE
Goose found at Mauna Loa NENE
Happened CHANCED
Have a restless night TOSS
Heater GAT
Highest angel SERAPH
Import from Sweden SAAB
In need of a map LOST
It may require a password ACCESS
Job lead-in ESTHER
Jockey's garb SILKS
Keep house? CASTLE
Keep house? CASTLE
Kibbutz setting ISRAEL
Kibbutz setting ISRAEL
Kin of Bronx cheers HOOTS
Latte topping FROTH
Clues Answers
LeBron James, for one CAV
Left, to the helmsman APORT
Like highlighter colors NEON
Like some coat linings SEWNIN
Like some sideshow ladies BEARDED
Like some warnings STERN
Like wild horses UNSHOD
Lulu PIP
Major league family name ALOU
Marine Corps quest GOODMEN
Materialize APPEAR
Medieval tenant farmer SERF
Met behind closed doors CAUCUSED
Middle X or O, perhaps TAC
Mirror image YOURSELF
Mirror image YOURSELF
Moneymaker for HP TONER
More mature RIPER
Movie about a struggling oboe player? THEREEDHUNTER
Musical ability EAR
Neck warmer SCARF
Neptune's spot OCEAN
Nicole's 'Moulin Rouge' co-star EWAN
Olive color used in some cosmetics? DRABOFAVON
Opposite of 'faster' EATER
Option while waiting for Mr. Right? GOWITHTHEWOLF
Org. that publishes Solidarity magazine UAW
Palace youngster PRINCE
Part of many Québec place names STE
Past due LATE
Past due LATE
Perot, e.g. ALSORAN
Petrol measure LITRE
Pie, perhaps CHART
Pleasant spot for Heathcliff's Wuthering Heights? MOORWITHAVIEW
Popeye creator SEGAR
Postcard feature SCENE
Pro ___ TEM
Problem for Odysseus SIRENS
Programmer's problem BUG
Raises HEFTS
Red-coated product EDAM
Rest-of-the-team stand-in ETAL
Room in a casa SALA
Salty drop TEAR
Saudis' plan to harvest lobsters? TRAPTHEREDSEA
Serpent setting EDEN
Server item FILE
Short-billed marsh bird SORA
Show a chameleonlike quality READAPT
Skier McKinney TAMARA
SNL offering SPOOF
Soph enlightener PROF
Springsteen's birthplace? USA
Stuart Little, for one ADOPTEE
Suit tender VALET
Swabbies TARS
Tahini source SESAME
Tale of Armstrong's boyhood in Ohio? NEILONTHEFARM
The Falcons, on scoreboards ATL
The Globe, for one THEATRE
Tote board readers BETTORS
Treasury bur. since 1972 ATF
Unconcerned with ethics AMORAL
Unmatched ODD
Utah lily SEGO
Virtual reality stand-in AVATAR
Water down DILUTE
___ de guerre NOM
___ de guerre NOM